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    Quote from Cozmo D;48060

    And I'm not sure that he would do you any good in a battle. ;D

    I`m not sure any of them would be any good in a battle these days, senile dementia has probably creeped in to a few of them ;D

    Quote from TrippinJames;47048

    Thanx for the interest. Highlight is vast fo sure, though I am aiming to rarities on cds. Like grav, hijack promo n many more rare cds. In fact there too many released on this format. I like oldschool beats, g-funk grooves, conscious, gangsta, political rap. It doesn't matter, just collecting almost everything between strict period of time like 86/87 until now. Mixtapes, cd-rs, dvd and digipack releases as well. As you can see I am almost into everything. Just a reasonable case of collecting rap cds.

    What is `grav` ?

    So what is what you would say is your rarest CD?

    Do you not bother with Hip Hop from before 86?

    Those unreleased Electrobeat singles, mainly ICE-T tracks, that are listed in Freddy Fresh`s Rap Records book, a damn shame they have never seen the light of day.

    Though 3 did pop up on that old school collection of early Ice T material - Speed, Go Off & Cold As Ever.

    Unless of course anybody knows any different? , did a bit of digging on YouTube but nothing came up.

    As much as it pains me to say, i can`t really disagree with any of the above. ;)

    Got the other mixes Simmo,sound good so far.

    The game at OT versus your lot killed it for us,that and the blind linesman who was directly in line with Drogba yet didn`t seem to understand what the definition of `offside` was ;D nevermind, rather your lot won it than Arsenal or Liverpool.

    Didn`t realise you were Simmo from OSHH,welcome back pal,you`re a Chelsea fan IIRC?

    Like everyone else says Chief Rockers & Monster Beats is absolutely DOPE,you sent me a CD of it at the time and it still gets played regularly ...... one of the best mixes of Hip Hop i`ve heard.

    Will D/L these other mixes tomorrow if they`re still `live`.

    This track never ceases to blow me away :


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