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    This is the first time i have Down Loaded a MP3 album. Im a vinyl collector so what has happend to me :) I dont know why but my pocket would not let me pay 50 Euros. This Comp will be on loop in the car... thanks for the great work.

    I paid 55euro & that has probably been the most i've ever paid for a new release on vinyl.
    It certainly hurt, but I appreciated the effort they undertook & support quailty electro on wax.

    My white triple vinyl arrived this week. Lovely packaging. Great music.
    Yet to have taken it all in.
    Thanks Alek.

    I received mine this week, down here in OZ, but haven't had the time to really soak it all in as yet.
    My stack of 2010 electro releases is probably the biggest stack in many years.

    Thanks Morgan. This is without question the best of the 3 so far.
    More akin to the styles that I grew up with, but still staying fresh & contemporary.

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    Thank you very much for your words, Jason! :) I really appreciate them! Yeah, definitely exciting times! I just couldn't believe in my ears when i put the needle on the record and listened to these incredible tracks for the first time on wax; it was like a... (((BOOM)))!!! :wow: Nothing like the vinyl, my friend!!!
    Also a big thanks for being the very first person to buy the album! I can assure you that you'll live exciting times yourself too!!! ;D

    Ha & I'm on the other side of the world.
    Yeah it was like 3:00am when I received your email informing me that it was now available.
    So I paid straight away.
    Then you sent the link for the mix, but it was too late to play it loud. Time for sleep.
    But been playing it today. Awesome shit. Thnaks heaps.

    For some reason the MUSIC actually means more to me & most likely to you when I can see it spinning.
    Thanks for all your effort & all the others on here still the dropping wax.
    Loving' it. Long live vinyl.

    Hot damn.
    I love the feeling of getting a test pressing for your own release.
    Feels fantastic, cept when it you listen to it & it doesn't sound like it should.
    We had a bass wobble on one track & it skipped because the grooves were too close together.
    Luckily we got a 2nd press & it was fixed.

    Hope your happy with it all. Exciting times.
    I pre-ordered my copy many weeks ago. :)

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    Just paid for 2 copies.
    Electro Slaves is absolutely bionic. Perfect styles.

    Thanks for the effort.

    Just received the package, but alas only one copy was in it.
    Damn, i'll have to tell my mate he missed out. He'll be spewing...
    probably none left to even ask about. It's cool.
    Mine was 154 of 200. :D

    Glad I managed to track down the Blasteroids EP a few years back. Battlenet was bionic.
    Keep those vocoders intact. They give me goosebumps they way the Blastromen use them.

    I'm still waiting for Robot Aggresion EP to turn up on Discogs.
    Don't know how I missed it.

    Great news.
    Finnish electro is dope. btw, I miss the Velcro lads music.

    Hey Morgan, Thanks for bothering to even release electro in thsi day & age.
    I've bought both Nu-electro 1 & 2 on vinyl as well as being one of thsoe who grew up on the original series.

    Though I thought only about a 3rd of Nu-Electro 2 was any good, (too many ravey/industrial tunes for me. I prefer the more b-boy/hip hop oriented classic style) I will still support what you do because it's not exactly a money spinning genre & it's obvious that you do it out of love.

    Thanks for the great work, but it'll be hard to beat the City Beat Records compilation for the style I prefer.

    Just-Ice & Krs over an electro beat? Now they've never done anything even remotely close. even Kurtis Mantronik never whipped up an electro tune for Just-Ice back in the day.
    Nice to hear the occasioanl emcee track.

    Bring back Aldo Marin & the members of High Fidelity Three for a tune & I'll be ecstatic.

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    please be patient as we need to sort out a couple of things before we start to ship all of the orders. All orders have been written down, so no danger to miss the record :)

    Thanks again for the support and apologise for the delay!

    Oh. Okay. Now I know.
    I thought I was just stupid & might've missed my chance because of it.

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    Hi ,

    this is the update mail that we just said to everybody had placed order @ vicious - freak email also answer your question - anythings else you would like to know contact us 8)


    I still don't understand?
    I've sent you an email asking how/where do I pay for the 12", but I'm still clueless because I haven't recieved a reply. The information on page 1 of this thread doesn't let me know HOW to pay for it. WHERE do do send the $$$...?

    Sorry if I sound frustrated, but I don't want to miss out on the record.

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    At the moment you can only order straight from us , just updated the first post with shipping costs and more info. A small amount of copies will be given to some distributors in about a month...Dominance Electricity will also stock the 12'' next week.

    cheers! 8)

    I went to send you some $$$ via paypal, but your email address isn't registered with paypal.
    So how do I pay for it.

    Whom will take my order? Dominance don't have it as yet?