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    yes Dance by E Lover was always my fav by him!

    some other tunes i never get bored of are:

    Freestyle - It's Automatic
    The Bros. Supreme - We Can't Be Held Back
    Maggotron - Escape Devoid
    Kerry Campbell - Rapture
    The Invinceables - Kong In The City Of Doom
    Ivy - Beauty & The Beat
    Masterpiece - That's What I Hate
    Kingdom - The Base Is In Your Face
    WCWC - He's Bionic
    Micron - Solar Rock
    Human Body - Desire - recommended!

    + a few more

    interesting thread, have these 3 in my mind for now

    WCWC - Mission Possible (and all other tracks which uses the theme also)
    Michael Zager & Ed Newmark - Theme From Friday The 13th (Part 3) - DOPE uptempo electro disco joint!
    The Pee Brothers Disco - We're In The Money (Dream Of Jeannie) (and all other tracks which uses the theme also)

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    Do you have a mp3 of wee rock krue - hit it? and could you pls share if so? I never heard of that one and their other 12' just flakin is amazing and in my wantlist as well... thanks in advance

    check ur pm

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    Yeah well, not very busy...just got a few records that interested me. Not sure if you have/want a copy of Die Zwei, but probably have a spare soon! Shall I keep it aside for you?

    would be great if u do so (tyia), i'll pm you later ok

    oops..seems i've mixed this up with the release from 1982…ow-Walking/release/437133

    but i'm really curious what's the difference between both issues?!

    my oppinion is i always never believe that if its stated kinda "only 100, 300, 500 were ever pressed" when it comes WITHOUT an info where he got the info from (e.g. a link to the source) .. it's just an up pushing method to get more $$$

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    I think sport raps are only really good if they were done by real rappers and not by sportsmen
    i found many crappy tunes but also a lot of very good 12"s and 7"s.

    so heres another top class sport rap by the Dynomite111 about the Houston Rockets, one of the best i know (but not THE best imo) i recorded short sample...

    can't agree as it has nothing to do if they're sportmen or real rappers, only with their skills ;)

    but agree on this:
    Dynomite111's tune is one of the best "sport raps", but don't have a Top choice, some are good , some not so, it's a subjective thing.

    another nice one i like is

    C. Jordan & D. Jones - The Rose Bowl Rapp (Midway 1986)

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    What? Nobody said Newcleus - "Cyborg Dance"? I'm hurt!

    no worry COZMO, the whole albums by Newcleus are Classy Classics !!! 8) 8) 8)
    Brings me tons of real nice memories back when i listen to them tracks, loooovely :D :D :D

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    and I doubt this is from 89 - 90 .. this is more 92-93 for sure. I can tell by the keyboards


    The Style is THE tune from this 12inch, not a Super burner but a good one though
    Pump it is a electro tune with vocals and additional vocoders

    my advice for you: listen to Maniac carefully, i mean from start to end , not only a 1 min snippet ;) :D

    a new day and of course a new playlist 8)

    Bir - Pure Pleasure EP - Straight To The Top/Get It Girl/Mend My Broken Heart/Driven Insane
    Iki - The Cosmic Population - Modulation (Long)
    Üc - The Original Guys - Fast Money
    Dört - TT PMC - Treat Her Like A Lady
    Bes - Rocker Band - It's Rocker Time


    Alti - Zest - Funkin In Space

    8) :D 8)

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    Just got my copy of (the now infamous) Die Zwei - USA! USA! USA! on West Trading Comp. cotaining Wanted : The Tyrell Corp. Very happy with that one I must say! Nice NM copy with picture sleeve and Press Release.

    Also got my copy of Davis And Davis - The Professor (on) Center Stage today! One of the famous Chocolate Star Records with The Professor and Gary Davis. Cool stuff.

    you've been very busy bokkie, congrads on getting that "Die Zwei" album and Davis and Davis 12" (very obscure early electro) ;)

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    It's not all that to be honest.The hype doesn't justify the actual track imho.I'm sure others will disagree.Not to say it's a bad track or anything, I just don't think it's up to the standard of the producer involved :D