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    Two Sisters "Two Sisters" is a really great electro full length LP imo.

    my man! highly underrated.

    there are not many artists that had enough good songs for an lp...

    if planet patrol counts, i'd like to throw that one in.

    and of course: computerworld. 8)

    to my ears, it seems like it is get tough, mixed with 4 bits of 4 other songs, one being looking for the perfect beat. the other 3 i cannot figure out at the moment, but they all sound familiar. if noone else jumps in, i will get back to those later.

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    As for the bass line, I bit the bejeebers out of "Situation" by Yazoo. :D

    i wouldn't have recognized it.
    you didn't bite it as blatantly as man parrish. :D

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    Tough one there. Although the beat and the bassline were reportedly inspired by two stone cold 'electro' tracks, the idea of rhyming over that combo of influences is pure hip-hop. So.. hip-hop I guess, but I think of Newcleus as an electro-sounding group first and foremost.

    electroFUNK, i might add... if you think of the bassline & beat as the dominating elements. but whatever...

    what are the stone cold electro tracks you are referring to?

    OK; i've tried the akai vocoder and it already sounds better than the others.
    i feel that a lot depends on the CLARITY of the modulator. would you agree? and what effects can i use to make the vocals clearer?

    prime dominance - theme of swift rock
    imatran voima - der aufklärung
    scape one - retropolitan (düsseldorf)
    mandroid - sinister overtones
    chromeo - 100%

    edit: almost forgot randy barracuda - squee like a pig

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    hi mate, it is Rock Steady Crew - "B Boys & B Girls" from LP "Ready for the battle" (Charisma Records 1984, I think). PEACE ! :)

    :o man, i already thought it was the rock steady crew so i listened to that whole album just yesterday. must have missed the sample...
    thanks a lot!!


    try a strong sawtooth synth ...thats very dry, fat and present in all frequencies...

    working on it ... still sounds too noisy & undefined... need more CLARITY.
    will it help to run the vocals through any effects such as compressors, gates, eqs?

    usually, i don't like stuff that's too dark, BUT i have to say anthony rother's "sex with the machines" (whole lp) is just beyond comparison!

    other than that:
    jedi knights - antacid remix
    knightz of bass - d m pire
    dopplereffekt - z boson
    kt 19941 - face your fate
    dynamix II - dreamscape
    drexciya - andrean sand dunes

    i have tried the orange vocoder & the vokator (both vsts), but i can't get a halfway decent sound out of it.
    problem is: the vocals sound all muddy and muted, not at all like the raspy and sharp robotic voices i am trying to achieve.
    i guess it all depends on the synth setup, but i have used a lot of different sounds and presets, nothing will help.
    any ideas?