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    Right! If you're making that 'perfect' bass sound and can't get it perfect because it sounds way to 'muddy' like you said (wooly maybe?) you should try and filter out some 160Hz. That'll take the mud out of it :) hehe

    I'm working with Sonnox for like a week and I already can tell the difference, great sounding plugs. It's like they have the deepest respect for your wavs, <3 <3 so i have respect for them haha

    selective eq'ing on wobble and distorted bass sounds i know about

    if "surgery" were to be done with an eq it would be on those types of sounds. they can get a little too gritty sometimes. sometimes it can be unbearable so yea, having a tool to completely remove certain freqs can be extremely useful. ;D

    ok, re-did it, with the settings turned down and this time used my yamaha monitors to listen to it(and these monitors seem to hate compressors/limiters because they point out any volume difference).

    talking about bx_XL here. the first time, it didn't distort anything, but it did mess with a partial gate, but that was my fault because i had it set too high. the muddying i mentioned earlier was just the crappy earbuds i was using to listen to it. they couldn't handle the volume or frequencies or something and they distorted like a cheap car stereo.

    2nd time it sounded great, but not much different than voxengo elephant (which is much simpler and doesn't use high/low and m/s processing). likely due to the fact that i already apply some anti-phasing to my low freq channels off the bat so i guess i don't really need m/s processing on my own tracks, but on other people's stuff who haven't recorded their audio properly i would see where this would be a huge improvement.

    my opinion: it lives up to the hype and is a great tool to have in your arsenal, but it's not 100% necessary to use it because there are other tools out there that offer almost equal sound if you do things properly

    also to the sonnox heads, i've heard some good things about them, hoping to get a hold of their eq pretty soon. :)

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    A little more specific and I might be able to help you with your confusion.

    widens the mix, limits that separately, takes the center and limits that separately each on the hi/lows?

    i'm extremely skeptical to say the least, meh. i guess i'll just have to give it a try.

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    got another one...

    How do i know what is Mono or Stereo in the mix, i mean when i render the files over the Master everything is Stereo, right?

    Or other, does that really matter if its Stereo or Mono ???

    left + right channel = stereo

    single channel = mono

    not sure if i'm understanding your question though? if it's a cable issue, trs or stereo cable can be mono as well. stereo unbalanced, or mono balanced

    also if you have sub bass in stereo, try to make left and right equal, or make them mono. you don't want any phasing on anything below 100hz

    to add on to the compression issue, i've had bad experiences with Waves L3, I liked L2 a lot better. if you can, go with voxengo elephant. my $0.02

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    I have done this with ableton and Tal, a little latency, but worked as a live input/vocoder for me..

    input mic to mod channel

    if you wanna emulate sounds from the great Dynamix II, use this plus the Juno emulator on their site as well, a simple sawtooth synth works as well:

    can use different carriers and get some good different sounds as well.

    i've never seen a single BEST vocoder. all depends on what you want to do with it.

    the"best" thing to have is multiple tools and know how to use them properly and good ears ;)

    edit:\> i see the TAL was mentioned multiple times in the thread, here's the link if u need it :D

    i started on FL, still use it from time to time. great program but takes a bit of work to do some of the more advanced stuff. the basic sequencer on this is the best thing about it that most other programs don't even come close to matching. so you can make beats on here from scratch then use it as a plugin on another DAW. best advice with FL, is use your own drum kits and 3rd party instruments and effects. i don't recommend using the basic plugins on it (unless you spend extra cash and get the mac daddy super pimped out version of it)

    used reason for fun but never really got anything done on it, and didn't really care to since i like to use vsts, yea i know it has refills etc but i like stuff that i can use on multiple programs. yea it has some great tools built in and can be rewired to work with other daws too.

    messed around with ableton but it felt awkward so i ditched it.

    now i just began working with cubase and i absolutely love it so far. gonna take me a bit of getting used to, but i love everything i've seen so far. fav part so far is the mixer and channel effects stuff you can do with it.

    if you work with live bands, vocalists, rappers, or any other "recording" artists, they usually ask if you use ProTools. not my fav for production, but definitely top notch for actual recording. you can always export recorded material and work on it on other programs.

    short story: start with Fruity Loops and get some VST pluggins and sample packs and you'd be good to go with a great and easy to use starter kit.

    ^^all my biased opinion from past experiences^^

    k so any signal coming from one channel back-fed into the opposite channel won't cause any problem to them?

    if i can use a splitter(which i already have) that would be perfect. i know it works, i just wanted to know if it would cause any long term damage. i just would like to take every precaution to protect my equipment because buying new stuff can get pricey.

    i have a subwoofer that takes a single mono RCA in.

    coming from RCA stereo left and right output on a sound card.

    wondering if there is an easy(and cheap) way to do this.

    i fear simply using a splitter in reverse will backfeed the signal to the amps and fry the soundcard outputs over time.

    krk rockits are bass heavy. you'll make a track and it'll sound fine. then when you take it out somewhere, you're wondering where all the bass went.

    somebody mentioned beringer truths, i've heard horrible stuff about the midrange (probably the most important part of your sound) on those.

    if money is no object go with Genelecs. Adam A7's if you're trying to save a bit. if your budget is really low, Yamaha HS80M which were already recommended by someone here are probably the best bang for the buck. they also pair well with the Adam A7's.

    you will likely need a sub with any choice.