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    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 03.07.2016 GFR

    Koax the Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    TECHcontrol - Cosmic Traveller
    Komarken Electronics - The New World
    -=UHU=- - Magic Computer
    VCS2600 - Ion Teleportation
    Boris Divider - Wrong Inputs
    Carl A. Finlow - Definition
    Commuter - Digital Memories (Part 1)
    Microlith - My Ms
    DMX Krew - Cola War
    Sonic Division & Spychool - Memories Form China (Sd Rmx)
    SoniX - Soul Of The Electronic Sound
    Maggotron - Return to the Planet of Bass
    Legowelt - Chokolectricity
    Mandroid - Future Tecknology
    Alek Stark - We Love You (Extended)
    Anthony Rother - Nummern-Computerwelt
    Dwaallicht - Cyclic Ester (Xylol Mix)
    Lake Haze - Blood Lust
    DJ M@R - Above Clouds (Design-S Remix)
    SoniX feat. D'fezza - Sense To Stay
    Little Computer People - Who Do You Love
    Spectrums Data Forces - Antigravity
    Giuseppe Mereu - Matrix
    Dark Vektor - Centipoise
    Model 500 - Techno Music (m500 Version)
    B.O.S.E. - Vamos A La Playa

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 05.06.2016 GFR

    Koax the Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    Retax Gorgon - Analogue Intelligence
    Holon - Augmented Reality
    Ornament A - Basic Channel
    The Freakazoids - The Bells Of Zoid
    CRC - Eyes Of Louise Brooks
    Takahashi Jones - Meiosei
    Automatic Tasty - Thinking Out Loud
    Chevron - Draco 2 (Global Goon Remix)
    Lowfish - No Longer accepting Complaints
    SEM - V.5
    Lost Trax - Life Out of Balance
    Ceephax - Transcontinental Power Lines
    Mikron - Amn't I
    Steiner - Day for Night
    Solvent - Built-in Microphone
    Dark Vektor - Pulso Correcto
    Sace 2 - Explosion Inminent
    Edemski - Japan
    Bangkok Impact - Aus Birgittes Tagebuch
    Das Muster - Staub und Asche
    Hyboid - Toxic Avenger vs Marshmallow Man
    Visonia - Beyond the Clouds
    Koan - The Ghost Train
    Vector Lovers - Kissing Princess Leia (2015 Mix)

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 01.05.2016 GFR

    Koax the Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    Legowelt - Rain Season
    Casio Social Club - Summer of 83
    Area Forty One - Voyage
    The Parallax Corporation - Slowflight / Runner
    Phreek Plus One - Astro Boogie (Sportloto Beta Remix)
    Matt Whitehead -Tuff City
    Novamen - We Love
    Disko-ions - Dust Conveyor
    ESS - Gilese 581
    Electron - Tides Of Darkness
    DMX Krew - December Darkness
    Automatic Tasty - Aromatic Toasty Hits The Town
    Young Monday - Vol de Nuit
    EOD - Hardface
    The Outsider - Nebulizer
    Anthony Rother - Schöpfer
    AS1 - Robot Sex Freak
    Sneak-Thief - Stray Cat Boogie
    101 - Flow
    DMX Krew - Sound Of The Street (Dub Mix)
    Information Society - Running (Instrumental)
    The Freakazoids - Freakazoid Dawn
    Eleven Pond - Watching Trees

    Never mind. It was "Break Machine - Street Dance"

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    There's this song which just doesn't get out of my should be a well known classic but I can't remember though. All I can say is that part of the lyrics go like "everybody's dancing in the street" and that there is a catchy melody which sounds like a human whistling. Any Ideas? Thanks in Advance.

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 03.04.2016 GFR

    Koax the Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    Anthony Rother - Mathematik
    Radionasty - Devil Fishing
    Computor Rockers - Microprocessor
    Exillon - SWA1
    Uni-Mate - Home Invasion
    Autobot 1000 vs. DJ Dijital - Bass Programmer (Autobot-1000 Mix)
    Silverblue - Do You Know (Infiniti Remix)
    Jackal and Hyde - Seek & Destroy (DJ Monk VS. Track Mack Rmx)
    Darkmode - Natural City (Diplomat Remix)
    Lowfish - Burn the Lights out
    Ra-X - Code Of The Mecanic
    BT - Godspeed (Hybrid Mix)
    The Tyrell Corporation - Together alone
    Oxygenstar - Evil Robot Bass
    Javi R - Big Dreams (Teknatronik's Florida Rise Remix)
    Darkside - Asteroid (Party mix)
    Mrs Jynx - Maytag Blue With Figs & Honey
    Electronic DreamZ - Back to BreakDance
    101 - Free
    Kettel - Coddle
    Drax LTD II - Amphetamine
    Cursor Miner - Exult
    Datafreq - Claudia Bruckens Lips
    Computor Rockers - Green Screen
    Cosmic Baby - Cosmic Greets Florida
    Hyboid - Vogon Poetry

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 06.03.2016 GFR

    Koax the Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    Neonicle - Hz (Miotek Remix)
    Invisible Rockers Crew - Crater (Galaxy Rock)
    Radioactive Man - Pretty Ugly
    Miotek & WRTH - Our Funk (Radioactive Man Remix)
    Boris Divider - Metal Machine Combat
    Creme de Menthe - Electrobas
    DMX Krew - Dramatic Exit
    The Freakazoids - Open your Mind
    Arpanet - Illuminated Displays
    Flying Steps - Kings of 808
    Diplomat - Maltese Numbers
    Sugar Style & Latin Funk - Quadrophonic
    Scratch-D vs. John Robie - They're coming (Scratch-D Remix)
    Scratch-D vs. H-Bomb - The Red Pill
    Comtron - Material World
    MNLTH - No More Snow Time
    Sync 24 & Morphology - Phase Crush
    Transparent Sound - Hair Cut Fantasy
    Morphology - Manmade Woman
    Third Electric -
    Legowelt - Sturmvogel
    Legowelt - Disco Rout

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 07.02.2016 GFR

    Koax the Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    Dr Robotnik - Infrared Divergence
    Cosmic Baby - Der Flug
    Casio Social Club - Love Glove
    Voltaic - Mimetic Poly-Alloy
    Alden Tyrell - Love Explosion
    The Unknown DJ - 808 Beats
    Dark Vektor - Ritmos Freneticos
    Lectric Workers - Robot Is Systematic
    Sugar Style - 909 The beat is mine
    Flashmaster Ray - a story from along time ago...
    Synthesis - Mysterious dimension
    Ultimate Bass Machine - Looking For The Beast
    ElectroBerlin - Strange Particle (Jauzas the Shining Remix)
    Ra-X - Anaconda
    Silicon Scally - Fold
    Boris Divider – 1983
    Datenträger - Ready to Rule
    Sven Vath - Schubduse (Anthony Rother Remix)
    Arnold Steiner - Metronome & Feelings
    Carl A. Finlow - Equilibrium
    Evil XII - Minsk-Detroit (Main Mix)
    Plant43 - Silent Pool
    The Exaltics - Evolution of the wrong Species
    Mr. Clavio - Tsjupa Tsjupa
    Hong Kong Counterfeit - Metal Disco (Legowelt vs Orgue Electronique Remix)

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 03.01.2016 GFR

    Koax the Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    Putsch '79 - Man Enough
    Bangkok Impact - Bright Light, Dim Light
    Unit 4 - Bodydub - Tiefschwarz Remix
    Venom 18 - Mystery Organisation
    Index Id - Tiefe
    Umwelt - Somatogravic Illusion
    Tellefunk - Mashina Za Ples (Kalson Remix)
    Komarken Electronics - Earthlings
    Blastromen - Escaping Don't Compute
    Lazer Kontinent - Color Space
    Blackploid - Photographic Photogenic
    Thomas Kress - Beat Terrorist
    Macho Cat Garage - Ghetto Blues
    Egyptian Lover - Killin' It
    DJ Hash - Shadow Runner
    SoniX - Snowboard
    Drexciya - You Dont Know
    Blastromen - Space Trader
    Middle Men - Kraftwerk Orange
    AE35 - Underdrain (Suntra Remix)
    Elektrosmog - Roter Bofei
    Tiga & Zyntherius - Sunglasses At Night
    Freakazoids – Freakazoid Experiments
    MC T-Rock - Introducing
    Betamaxx - Take Me Back

    Anyone remembers what song it is at min 21:05?

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    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 01.11.2015 GFR

    Koax the Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    The 101 - Live Now
    Ed Chamberlain - Syntia
    Mesu Kasumai - Empty Head
    Dharma - Plastic Doll (Remixed Instrumental)
    T.S.B. Force - We Want You To Dance
    Tudor Acid - Tearbye
    Betamaxx - Departure
    Not-Alone - Deep Space
    Skanfrom - I Will Miss You
    Jauzas The Shining - Bolt Up
    Oxygenstar - 1982
    RA-X - Vector 11
    Krom - Painting Textures
    Mr Velcro Fastener - Paradise Valley
    Legowelt - Drivin For Our Love
    Sendex - Red Lagoon
    Gosub - Blind World
    Other Aspect - Nuance (ElectroBerlin Remix)
    Radioactive Man - White Light Monochrome
    Transparent Sound - Paranoid Potential
    Equitant - Flash of Light (Equitant Remix)
    Tears of Technology - Breakbeat Technique (Original Electro Mix)
    Sonic Division - Born 2 Dance
    Orgue Electronique - Strange Paradise
    Ceephax Acid Crew - South Bank
    Legowelt - Conquestadores Extraterrestriales (Remix)
    Morphology - Trioptimum

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 04.10.2015 GFR

    Koax the Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    Kord - Eyes Insane
    Daribone - Casio Breaks Hearing Damage
    Scape One - Utopian Etude
    Ed Chamberlain - Styge (Ochre Remix)
    Freak Electrique - P.H.A.S.E.R.
    Mitch Murder - Snow Crash
    Lost Years - West Side Lane
    ElectroBerlin - No pasa nada
    Beta X-50 - Vocoder Love
    DMX Krew - Merry Maidens
    Delayscape - Red Over 3
    Heinrich Dressel - Sailing From Ripa Grande
    Matti Turunen - Apoapsis
    Silicon Scally - Indefinite Space
    Alessandro Parisi - Positron Gladio
    Rutherford - Distant Love
    Autopilot - Lectro Rocket
    Giuseppe Mereu - Chemical Solvent
    Artist Unknown - siechen
    Martin Matiske - Square
    Uni-mate - Uni-mate's Connection 2013
    Anthony Rother - Compression (Wet Baby Mix)
    Ron Grainer & Delia Derbyshire - Dr.Who Theme (TaR21dis recut)
    Eros & Def Con 6 - Sugar Slider

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 06.09.2015 GFR

    Koax the Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    Egyptian Lover - Electro Pharaoh
    Egyptian Lover - Soiree at the Shindig
    Automatic Tasty - Late in the Afternoon
    Baron Zen - Talk to me (Instrumental)
    Alek Stark - Electric Dreams
    Thomas Mk2 and DJ Reckless - Basszination
    ADJ & Pathic - Highdiver
    AS1 - Hydroglide Mode
    DJ R21 - Machine City Remix
    Solar Chrome - Controlled Reality
    M31570 - Alien Intelligence
    Defekt - We are Automated
    Herr Mueller - Das Schwarze Loch
    Outsider - Im The Outsider (Logic Rework)
    Morphology - Cobol
    Legowelt - Dirty Love
    Electro Nation - Woman Machine
    Legowelt - Do you really care
    Autechre - Oval Moon (IBC Mix)
    Jackal & Hyde - Beyond
    Electrocore - Electronic World
    Faceless Mind - Interstellar (Tokyo Knife Attack Remix)
    Workerpoor, Andrew Claristidge - Mayall's Object
    Dmitry Distant - Luxure (Commuter Remix)
    Aux 88 - Break it down

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 02.08.2015 GFR

    Koax the Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    Chris The Glove Taylor & David Storrs - Reckless
    Computor Rockers - The B-Boys
    Downrocks - Geometria Inversa (Moockie re-composition)
    Debonaire - Iphone In My Pocket
    Dynamix II - Feel The Groove
    Commuter - Systemausfall
    Industrial Bass Machine - Industrial Bass Machine
    Cygnus - Red District Girls
    Voiron - Laboratoire Voiron
    Cybertone - Interstellar Foreplay
    Binalog Frequency - Obsession
    Boris Divider – I Was
    Plant43 - Resynth Remix
    Subtonal - Dark Distortion
    Orbital - Out There Somewhere Part 1
    Komputer - Terminus Interminus
    Überzone - Botz (Android)
    B.O.S.E. - Lost In Space
    N-Fecto - La Batalla
    Maggotron - Comin' Back To Bass
    Scape One - Down in Miami
    Rude 66 - My 909
    Miss Kittin & The Hacker - 1982

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 05.07.2015 GFR

    1.Serious Breaks Jingle by Koax the Droid
    2.Preflakes by Fah
    3.Hazy City Nights by Legowelt
    4.Public Transport Funk by Automatic Tasty
    5.Sound of the City by Mono Junk
    6.Driftin by The Hacker
    7.UFO Sightings by Impakt
    8.Physiognomie by Analogue Audio Association
    9.Electronic Suspect by Versalife
    10.Torment by Makina Girgir
    11.My Friends Elektrik by Laserama
    12.Security by The Beat Club
    13.Fish Cyborg by Mrs Jynx
    14.Make It Funky! by Aveorm
    15.Slam by Plaid
    16.We are the Illuminati by Squadra Blanco
    17.Crawl Space by DMX Krew
    18.Stellar Awakening by CN
    19.Electro Worm (Luke Eargoggle Mix) by DMX Krew
    20.Desolate by Ortrotasce
    21.Virtual Origami by Japanese Telecom
    22.A product of the process by Solvent
    23.Rock your body (Remix '87) by DMX Krew
    24.Mix it Baby by Maggotron
    25.The Hague's Disco Elite by Legowelt
    26.Minority Transporter by English Electric
    27.This Is Acid by Maurice

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 07.06.2015 GFR

    1.Serious Breaks Jingle by Koax the Droid
    2.Ouwe Koffie by Sint
    3.Boogie Down Bronx by Man Parrish
    4.Rough cut by Kid Frost
    5.Halcyon by Silver Diamond
    6.Hardware Encryption by DJ Glow
    7.Forest Fire by Paul Hardcastle
    8.Little Luv by Casio Social Club
    9.Magic Electronic by Body Electric
    10.Ditriac by EOD
    11.Summer Frosby by Ceephax
    12.Take Me Into Your Skin by Trentemøller
    13.Dett by Plaid
    14.Wiesenungeheuer by Datawelt
    15.Low Pass Gates by Pip Williams
    16.Corrosive 256 by Volitune
    17.Weltausstellung by Zeitmodelle
    18.Nausicaa by Visonia 19.
    1-0-0-1-0-1-1-0 by Sector One
    20.Legend of Phaxalot by Ceephax Acid Crew
    21.Standing In Tomorow by Model 500
    22.- Jupiter Family by =UHU=
    23.Bad Boy by Dmx Krew
    24.Resemblance by Obergman
    25.Tar by Skanfrom
    26.Die Reisen by Visonia & Dopplereffekt

    You can find DJ Deckstrous` amazing millennium mixes on mixcloud with tracklists.

    Also if you scroll down a little on GFR, you find section "GFR Archived Shows - Left click to download".