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    Sometimes you don't choose your life, life chooses for you. This is what happened to Mauro Nakimi, an awesome producer from Spain who spent the last three years working on his brand new album "Multimorphic". To understand the main concept behind his opus, we asked Mauro to introduce himself a little bit and go back to the origins of his passion for music. This is where it all began and where he acquired his non-compromizing character.

    Chris Nexus 6: Could you please introduce yourself a little bit?

    Mauro Nakimi: I'm just a man who believes in his convictions full time, extremely transparent on the way to show how it works and...Read more!

    There are DJ's, and then there are turntablists! There is a question that has floated around the Hip Hop community for a long time, and that is: "What is a DJ if he can't scratch?" Well, in all fairness, perhaps the answer is a great DJ still. However, high above the clouds of great mixers and programmers, guys and gals who can blend 'em for hours it seems, and flawlessly at that, lies a whole 'nother world. A league of extraordinary beings who have fused their nervous system with their turntables and mixers, as if merely an extension of who they are. At the top of this pyramid if you will, is a man who needs barely an introduction: DJ Q-bert! DMC World Champion many times over, founder of the legendary Invisibl Skratch Piklz, member of the iconic Rock Steady Crew, and all around Hip Hop pioneer in his own right who continues to grow as an artist, DJ, and businessman as he ventures into many arenas in order to help further the cause of the movement as a whole. This month, we had the great honor of sitting down with Richard Quitevis aka DJ Q-bert for a brief interview to find out what he has been up to. Let's go!

    Santino Fernandez: Welcome Rich! I am very pleased to get a chance to sit down with you for this interview. You are a bit of a superhero to a lot of us, so it is very exciting for our readers to get a chance to learn about you a bit. Can you tell us briefly how you got into DJ'ing at an early age?

    DJ Q-bert: Just having fun Breakdancing and hearing all the new music and Rap at an early age, plus doing a lil' graff here and there. As an even younger kid, I had a...Read more!

    If you've done a good job over the past couple years keeping up with many of the great digital compilations that have come out, then perhaps you have become familiar with Robertiano Filigrano. While perceived as an Italian artist, this German native has been involved in the music industry for quite some time, founding the iconic "Filigrano Recordings", which in the beginning was a label that broke the borders between the underground and commercial music, bringing into balance both worlds with what can only be described as well produced, classy and ethical EDM music mostly based around the concepts of Electro Bass music and 4x4 Techno, only assisted in being more appealing to the mainstream crowds by the use of skilled vocalists; one of which is Robertiano Filigrano himself.

    This month, we are honored to have the artist record a fantastic mix for us, utilizing mostly vinyl, including his own recent "Kolossum EP", which followed the 12" with the full length album on a "vinyl" CD; really worth checking out the whole pack. For now, download this awesome collection of great tunes from many artists like Krypton 81, Robodrum, Kraftwerk, Carlos Native, Umwelt, Rennie Pilgrem, and more! Dig in, you won't be let down.



    • Krypton 81 – Mission Update [Intro] | Subsonic Device
    • AnnV – Little Ghost [Max Durante Haunted House Remix] | Le Galassie Di Seyfert
    • Reiner Mauch – Electro Music | Anti-Social Network
    • Zeta Reticula – Ra Demuss | 1605
    • Carlos Native – Computadoras | Carlos Native
    • Sluts ‚ N‘ Strings & 909 – Past The Gates [DJ Hell Remix] | Cheap Records
    • The H.A.V.O.K. Conspiracy – The Reaping | Anti-Social Network
    • Robodrum – Electro House Is Not Electro | Free Real Music
    • Derfyl – Electro Soldier | Elektrodos Recordings
    • Kraftwerk – Nummern [2009 Digital Remaster] | Parlophone UK
    • The Consumer – Converted Data | Stilleben Records
    • Carlos Native – P-374E | Carlos Native
    • Deekline & Wizard – Make Your Girl Feel The Bass [feat. DJ Assault] | Rat Records UK
    • Rennie Pilgrem – Rippin‘ Up Wax [DJ Deekline & Ed Solo Mix] | Rat Records UK
    • Chaos – Afrogermanic | Underground Resistance
    • Krypton 81 – Titan IIIE | Nodezero Electronics
    • Umwelt – Company Of Lies | KilleKill
    • Robertiano Filigrano – Die Gemeinschaft | Filigrano Recordings
    • Hardfloor & E.R.P. – You Know The Score [Morphology Remix] | Zebralution
    • Mr. Velcro Fastener – The Flock | Stars Music
    • Robertiano Filigrano – Proton vs Elektron | Filigrano Recordings
    • Sonar Base – Photon Filters | Anti-Social Network
    • Will Web – Humanity Nil | Zero One Music
    • Electrosexual – The Soul of The Machine [Workerpoor Remix] | Rock Machine Record

    Find out more about Robertiano Filigrano:

    Sometimes, conciliating Electro with your way of life can be sporting. For almost 2 decades, Jason McCracken aka Illektrolab (Satamile, Duality Recs, Advanced Robotiks) has been haunting warehouses worldwide with some of the harshest dancefloor beats and subsonic Bass. But did you know that this versatile artist hailing from Arizona was also an adventure lover who found his Paradise in Costa Rica? Let’s talk about music, snakes and wild landscapes around a bonfire with this Electro survivor, author a few weeks ago of a brand new and must have 12'', "Illahertz", on the Shipwrec label out of Holland.

    Chris Nexus 6: Welcome Jason, we’re extremely proud and honored to do this interview with you. I am a huge fan of your music since the first time I discovered it on Satamile. Could you briefly present yourself a little bit? How did you get going performing and releasing records?

    Illektrolab: Thanks Chris, and all of the TB crew and friends tuning in. The pleasure is all mine and thank you guys for the huge support and brainwavez over the years! My music quest began at a pretty early age and was greatly influenced by scratching and the Hip Hop culture/Turntablist movement in the 80’s. I was absolutely fascinated by the Graffiti, Breakdance, and DJ culture, however coming from a very small town there wasn’t much of an "underground" outlet or influence available so we started it.
    At the time I had no real idea how to properly mix, which in the end was a great thing, as I became self-taught, and sort of developed my own style, which back in the day was very helpful in getting things going globally. I also had an absolute obsession with scratching which helped pave the way during the time of tuning the mix aspects. In the early days what started as a bunch of friends (Bumpkin Family) and several outdoor raves in the forests and deserts with generators and soundsystems, began to progress very fast and within a...Read more!

    Ever since the late '80s, a strong force within the Miami Bass scene began to emerge as a new sound was being forged out of the booming 808 beats, high-energy rhythms and controversial concepts found in the music of 2 Live Crew and the like; what would eventually become known to many as Techno Bass, or Car Audio Bass Music if you were in the region and witnessed this fascinating time period. Bringing many timeless classics like Tricky D's "Take It To The Max", Breezy Beat MC's "Shake The Joint", and Dynamix II's hit 12" "Bass Generator/Ignition", Debonaire Records and its mastermind Claudio Barrella aka DJ Debonaire, have been on a non-stop quest to bring innovative, yet classic and soulful Electro Bass music to the masses, helping not just to evolve what had been a huge sound in the area long ago, but also giving the dying Electro Funk style new life as it faced worldwide decline in the late 1980's; which via Miami and Detroit and the Techno Bass phenomenon, saw the birth of a whole new generation of "Electro" music that for nearly 30 years now continues to evolve into something most of us couldn't have expected. At the forefront of it all, is still one of the pioneers of this sound, a man who knows no limits, and bows to no one. The bass generator himself, who here sits down for a brief interview, discussing his new project "Electro Novocaine", as well as production tips, and what he sees for the future and his imprint. Without further ado, let's get into it!

    Santino Fernandez: Welcome Claudio! Huge honor to have you do this interview with me. I wanted to briefly catch up with you as you have a new project out on your imprint Debonaire Records, perhaps even get into some other things that have been going since the label’s re-launch back in 2007. But let's talk about your new project first though, "Electro Novocaine". What are you up to this time around? You come up with these very eccentric, slightly comedic, but always musically fascinating concepts; and this one seems to be up there with the very best. I have really enjoyed the tunes so far. What’s the idea behind it?

    Claudio Barrella: Inspiration strikes unexpectedly. I’ve been a victim of a herniated disc for over a decade (probably from too many windmills as a kid). For those who are not familiar, it is a condition where soft tissue between vertebra bulges and causes pressure on sciatic and spinal nerves. Mind altering pain! One morning due to intense pain, I wound up in the emergency room and was consequently juiced up with Morphine while awaiting results from X-rays and MRI scans. During this euphoric high from the meds, I expressed the numbness sensation on my spine to that of Novocaine. During my wait an older but attractive nurse (yes, female) was making her...Read more!

    If you haven't been keeping up, MEJLE has been a name making his rounds around the continental Europe with live DJ sets at many clubs and festivals playing alongside DJ Hell, Komarken Electronics, and DJ Glow to name but a few; primarily at the infamous Mechatronica parties. Recently unleashing thefirst vinyl venture known as the "Mechatronica" compilation, featuring Sync 24, Luke Eargoggle, UHU, Privacy and Etcher, the newly founded imprint promises to deliver a high-octane range of selections, some here for you to preview, as the machine begins to warm its engines for the next wax attack on the masses.

    This month, co-founder of the label, Casper Mejlholm, otherwise known as "MEJLE", records for us a fascinating exclusive mix, also including songs never released before upcoming on the labels Nocta Numerica, brokntoys, Klakson, Tropical Underground, not to mention many of his favorites like DJ Overdose, The Advent, Dmitry Distant, Imatran Voima, and more! Check links below to stay up to date with upcoming information about future releases and events, and do yourself a favor and don't miss out on this great mix! :)



    1. Dez Williams - Only Way I Know - Mechatronica (forthcoming)
    2. Glass Figure - Arpegiozo - Nocta Numerica (forthcoming)
    3. Identified Patient - Sifon Affair - Common Thread
    4. Identified Patient - M.G.D. (cr) - Common Thread
    5. Aufgang B - Demo 2 - Serious Trouble
    6. Cestrian - Methane Filter - Cyber Dance Records
    7. The Exaltics - Messier 81 - Free Download
    8. I-land Beat - Sixtynine - Frigio Records
    9. dB_24 - Compactor - AC Records
    10. VC-118A - Vapor - Radio Matrix
    11. DJ Overdose - Master Control - Viewlexx
    12. Dmitry Distant & Igors Vorobjovs - Cold Scape - Mechatronica (forthcoming)
    13. Pollen - Lost Souls - Tresor
    14. Privacy - Four IO - Klakson (forthcoming)
    15. London Modular Alliance - Tinker - brokntoys (forthcoming)
    16. Fleck E.S.C. - Better Days - Tropical Underground (forthcoming)
    17. Cisco Ferreira - Woman's Scent (Heinrich Mueller Remix) - Tresor
    18. The Advent - Can You See - International Deejay Gigolo Records
    19. Kan3da - Mm - Solar One Music
    20. Imatran Voima - Kurvi - Tellektro
    21. Dez Williams - Xen - Mechatronica (forthcoming)
    22. Privacy - Shove - Klakson (forthcoming)
    23. The Advent - Digitize You - Kombination Research
    24. Transparent Sound - Never Fall Again (Subfunk Remix) - Electrix Records
    25. N-TER - Contaminated Population - Crobot Muzik
    25. Bintus - Advanced Fuel - Power Vacuum
    25. Danijel Alpha - Untitled - Hybrid
    26. Paul Blackford - 1991 - Breakin Records
    27. Computor Rockers - Green Screen - Breakin Records
    28. 313 Bass Mechanics - D.E.T. - Breakin Records

    Find out more about MEJLE:

    Dagobert has been without question, one of the most mysterious, yet exciting names to watch over the past 15 years. As one of the leading artists who helped lay the foundation for the German imprint Dominance Electricity, with a plethora of classic vinyl releases under his belt like "Ready To Rock", "Sonic Sound Of Bass", "Astronauten" with Kalson, as well as his newest release called "Startopology", the kind of mastery, soulfulness, and intricate attention to detail found in his eclectic music is really something quite unique to the artist alone.

    This month, we have the great honor of featuring his first set for TechnoBass, recently recorded at Campus Bauhaus in Germany July of this year, taking the listener through a broad collection of songs mixed and mashed to perfection, making for a bomb dropping set of Techno Bass, Breaks, and slightly more commercial sounds that you cannot miss on. For the die-hards, expect the tenacity and melodic genius of Dagobert, including material from his new MasterArp project. For the newcomers, the sounds you'll find here throughout will seem familiar with today's EDM sound in some ways, yet strongly rooted in the history of our music, ensuring when you are done will be a veteran of the sound! But, there really is no more time to explain, so get in and enjoy the ride.

    *Don't forget to watch the entire live performance on our brand-new Youtube channel below, recorded by the artist in HD for your viewing pleasure!



    1. MasterArpRMX - Strobo Trailer Mix 120 to 130bpm
    2. Guau - Underground (Original Mix)
    3. DJ Hero - NAD T770 (Original Mix)
    4. Sporty-O - Let Me Hit It (Keith MacKenzie Remix)
    5. Quadrat Beat - Sky (Yo Speed Remix)
    6. Pray For Bass - Fuck The Feelings (Original Mix)
    7. Meat Katie, D. Ramirez, Odissi - Stop The Revolution (Bassbin Twins Remix)
    8. Agent K - S%%#t Goes Down (Original Mix)
    9. Frey, Waxy - Club Crusher (Original Mix)
    10. Slam - Azure (DAVI Remix)
    11. Beastie Boys, M83 - Midnight Galactic
    12. Dagobert vs. MasterArp - Nighthawk
    13. Justice - Safe And Sound
    14. Nero, Veronika Alex - Vremya Nazad (Original mix)
    15. Far Too Loud - Drop The Bomb
    16. Michael White, Deflo - 10 AM (Original Mix)
    17. Flowstate - Voodoo (Original Mix)
    18. Dagobert vs MasterArp - Deep In Love
    19. Pray For Bass - Keep Praying (Original Mix)
    20. Le Castle Vania - Raise The Dead (Nick Thayer Remix)
    21. Dagobert aka MasterArp - Thank You Basstronauts


    Find out more about Dagobert aka MasterArp:

    As one of the most successful female DJs in Spain, Kristina; formerly known as Missy Karma, delivers her first TechnoBass feature displaying the kind of unique affinity for our music that has driven her conquest of 15 years as one the most dedicated female DJs in Europe. Not being an exclusive Electro Bass DJ, but rather an eclectic performer with a love and passion for all things Electronic Music, her ability to draw in crowds from near and far is something truly special, and something that has helped the cause of the underground tremendously in a region thirsty for something bigger.

    This month, taking some time off from her busy schedule touring Europe, not to mention her latest 12" recordings found on her new label "AmSafe Traxx", here she delivers classics and new releases by artists like Drexciya, Morphology, Shiver, Versalife, 214, and many more!!! Don't miss out on this one!



    1. 214 - Binaural Affirmation | Shipwrec Records
    2. Mikron - Black Sand | Central Processing Unit
    3. Versalife - Interrogation | Frustated Funk
    4. Fatima Yamaha - Between Worlds | Dekmantel
    5. Dona - 303 State Of Mind | More about Music/Westbury Music
    6. Morphology - Mirror Comparartor | Central Processing Unit
    7. Shiver - Subsonic Soundscape | iK7
    8. Aux 88 - Side B | Puzzlebox Records
    9. Mekka - Fluxtone | Mokujin Recordings
    10. Zeta Reticula - Anaesthetic Wearing Off | 1605 Music Therapy
    11. I-F - Playstation #2 feat Helga la Blaque | Disco B
    12. Drexciya - Negative Flash | Tresor
    13. Cygnus - Make The Brain Relax | T.R.U.
    14. 214 - Pickles And Mints | Shipwrec Records
    15. Silicon - Sonic Rescue | Frustated Funk

    Find out more about Kristina:

    Fleck E.S.C., the French via Japan purveyor of dark Electro Bass sounds, signs his first-ever TechnoBass feature with a heart-pounding blend of live improvised sounds and beats, as well as a couple of his previously released songs on labels CHP and Anti Gravity Device.

    If you haven't been keeping up, Fleck E.S.C. has become quite a name to look for in the scene, with release after release on well respected labels like Electrix Recordings, and Bass Agenda to name a few. A close ally of the Tokyo Electro Beat crew, Fleck E.S.C. is a dancefloor scientist on a quest to infiltrate the deepest of sonic fabrics, to unweave each strand and manipulate to his liking in a way that blends a tenacious sense of experimentation, while staying closely rooted in intriguing and thought provoking Electro sounds.

    Don't miss out on this very special live set, something we haven't had the pleasure of featuring in some time, here delivered with ingenuity and that unique knack for futuristic and intelligent Techno Bass music that only Fleck can deliver! grab this one!


    Find out more about Fleck ESC:

    This month we have the special privilege of featuring a very musically diverse artist in our scene, and that is Mr. Myoplast. With a small, but strong discography on labels like Japanese "Anti-Gravity Device", and UK powerhouse Militant Science, Mr. Myoplast has been on a non-stop quest to spread the sounds of Electro Music to the masses with keen determination.

    With the founding of his already legendary Body Control Records, which has been host to some of the great veteran artists like DJ Stingray, Luke Eargoggle, UHU, and Andreas Gehm, as well as having been a platform for new artists making a great name for themselves like Jerry la Flim, Weakmassive, Layup, and Wundertones, its clear that Mr. Myoplast is a force making his mark on the scene with passion and a unique sense for being forward-thinking, while staying closely connnected to his roots in the old school Rave scene and the beginnings of Electronic Music.

    This month he records his first-ever feature for us, including Body Control songs from Layup, N-Ter, and T/Error, as well as new and old material from many of your favorite artists and labels...Grab this one!



    1. Layup - Gravity - Body Control Records
    2. Koova - Links - brokntoys
    3. The Exaltics - Instinct - Solar One Music
    4. Biodread - Ground Assault Unit - Self Released
    5. Morphology - New Horizons - Central Processing Unit
    6. N-Ter - The Future Is Yours - Body Control Records
    7. T/Error - Ionizing Radiation - Body Control Records
    8. Microthol - mod_electro_mix4 - brokntoys
    9. Luke Eargoggle - Harbours Are Magic - Body Control Records
    10. N-Ter - Maschinen Technology (The Exaltics Remix) - Body Control Records
    11. Illektrolab – Real Pimp - Satamile Records
    12. Metacomplex - Android Opiate - Self Released
    13. Mandroid - Linear Phase - Breakin' Records
    14. Illektrolab – Android Humanoid – Self Released
    15. -=UHU=- - Find Yourself – Body Control Records
    16. Mr. Myoplast - Step Sequence - Infalux Recordings
    17. CN - Intraveneous - Central Processing Unit
    18. Paul Blackford - Depth Charge - Body Control Records

    Find out more about Mr. Myoplast:

    Adam Roche aka Alpine Electric signs his first-ever mix for the site, featuring tracks by Dynamix II, The Exaltics, Luke Slater, Novamen, LFO, and many more!!! A great journey through the soundscapes of some of the best releases of the past 30 years; mixed on vinyl, and with class and passion, spanning many styles!

    Whether you are an old schooler, or someone wanting to learn more about the music and its history, this mix will introduce you to many of the great vinyl classics including some of the new material recently making its way back to wax. If you are in the London area, look out for a new Techno Bass night hosted by Adam Roche himself to come March 26th, at Bar A Bar, as well as many more features. Don't sleep on this one!



    1. Luke Slater – Make Your Web - NovaMute
    2. Dynamix II - DJ's Go Beserk - Joey Boy Records
    3. Dj Nephil - Supernova - Gravitational Waves
    4. Novamen - There's No Escaping - Viewlexx
    5. Annanan - Antagonism - Pinkman
    6. Inhalt - Panopticion (Scott Fraser Remix) - [Emotional] Especial
    7. Nitzer Ebb - Let Your Body Learn - Mute
    8. Claro Intelecto - Tone - Delsin
    9. Privacy - Always On - Lobster Theremin
    10. Paranoid London - Paris Dub 1 - Paranoid London Records
    11. Frak - RZA - Psychic Malmö
    12. One Drop - Hard Work - Big Sex Records
    13. The Exaltics - Instinct (Dopplereffekt Hubble Constant Remodel) - Solar One Music
    14. ArD2 - Control - Seti Recordings
    15. Drexciya - Wavejumper (Aqualung Version) - Clone
    16. Model 500 - Night Drive (Time, Space, Transmat) - R & S
    17. Invincible Scum - Princess (Mark Broom Remix) - Zodiac 44
    18. Mono Junk - I'm Okey - DUM 19. Function - Modifier - Ostgut Ton
    20. No Spiritual Surrender - Proposed Playground_01 - A Harmless Deed
    21. The Exaltics - Infinite Dimension - Clone West Coast Series
    22. LFO - You Have To Understand - Warp
    23. Darko Esser - Myriad - a.r.t.less
    24. Plant43 - Gj 1214b - Cultivated Electronics
    25. Transllusion - Unordinary Realities - Tresor

    Find out more about Alpine Electric:

    Ari B. is one of the true die-hard Electro Bass and Funk enthusiasts pushing the sound in his country of Iceland, where he resides in the capital city of Reykjavik. But his tastes go even further, as he is truly an Electronic music aficionado, not held back by genrefications or formulas. His love aside from his family and nature, is that of music, period!

    Getting into the music back in the year 2000 as a young lad, his influences would primarily come from his uncle Quazar, who we must say is a pretty astounding Breaks producer, and no doubt a great inspiration for Ari as he began to explore the world of Electronic music. Then there was his super cool parents who would expose Ari to the sounds of Cypress Hill, Underworld, and Prodigy to name a few.

    Several years later, after starting the duo "Lotus-Robot"; which performed locally with a poet spoken-word style, he would slowly begin to compose and produce for several local indie acts, getting heavily involved in his scene, which as he puts it: "Is very tightly knit, and the artists are also the fans when the other people are playing. Everyone gets their time to shine."

    This month, he debuts internationally with his first-ever recorded mix, delivering the heat like the lava beneath the Icelandic hot springs with tracks by Alden Tyrell, Das Muster, Kretz, Simbiotek, Anthony Rother, and many more including some of his uncle Quazar's work which you must really hear. Mixed digitally, the effects, and different manipulations you will find here, not to mention the classy selection of tracks, will make for a very enjoyable set that will get you through your day with energy and soul. Don't miss it!



    1. Sem - Area 5 | TRON 7
    2. Andre Holland - City Of Fear | Underground Resistance
    3. Das Muster - Superzeichen | Transient Force ‎
    4. Keith LeBlanc - Move | On-U Sound
    5. Alden Tyrell - Clone Records | Clone Records
    6. Kretz - Errechen Sie Das Leben | Urkraft
    7. Symbiotek - Critical Error | Submerged
    8. Atlantis - Words From atlantis | Underground Resistance
    9. Fats Comet - Dee Jay’s Program | World Records
    10. Quazar - Wallbreaker | Unnasigned
    11. The Circuit - Loudspeaker (Alternate Version) | On-U Sound
    12. Anthony Rother - Redlight District (Dave Clarke Edit) | React
    13. Collapsicon - Six | Anti-Social Network
    14. Dynarec - In Your Hand | Vaporwave
    15. Morphogenetic - The Driven | Fundamental Bass Intelligence
    16. Transllusion - Walking With Clouds | Supremat
    17. Urban Tribe - Acceptable Side Effects | Rephlex
    18. Aux 88 - Let’s Dance - 430 West

    Find out more about Ari B.:

    Dave Noller is one of those names that truly needs no introduction, a household name to die-hard fans of Techno Bass music all around the world, and a pioneer in his own right. Having been behind influential records such as "Techno Bass" on Chaos Records, as well as "Just Give The DJ A Break", "Atomic Age", and "The Plastic Men"; not to mention his own solo works as Scratch-D on labels like Zero One Music, Rephlex, Frajile Recordings, or Dynamix II Music, the man behind the iconic Dynamix II has been on an unstopabble path delivering mega-low bass drops, and ingenious programming to the masses, gaining the artist a reputation of being a sort of "Mad Scientist" for our music. This month, Santino Fernandez had the honor of speaking to him, gaining some insight into his background and accomplishments throughout his with that out of the way, let's get on with it!

    Santino Fernandez: Welcome Dave! It’s an honor to have you spend some time with us to do this Interview. For those who don't know, tell us a little bit about your beginnings, what was life like for you that inspired you to get into making music?
    David Noller: When I was still a child, each Summer and Winter vacation I spent visiting my grandparents in New Jersey. It was there where I was exposed to the ground-breaking mix shows that were airing on New York’s radio stations like 98.7 KISSFM, 92KTU, 107.5WBLS and WHBI 105.9FM. It was a very magical time back then. Hip Hop culture was exploding all over the air waves on late night radio, and due to the popularity, soon mix shows began making their way onto daytime radio.

    There was a mix show on 92KTU called "Paco’s Supermix" that featured custom edited mixes by “The Latin Rascals”, Aldo Marin of Cutting Records & "The Dynamic Duo". I would record these mixes to cassette and listen to them over and over and over until I could...Read more!

    Scott Weiser is known to be a plain-spoken man. And when the "purveyor of the hardcore-Electro sound" gets the opportunity to talk about the syncopated scene, prepare for some lessons from a respectable veteran! For, the co-founder of the legendary Jackal & Hyde project along with long time partner-in-crime Todd Walker goes back into time with me, revealing how he jumped into the Electro train when he was a child, how he started Jackal & Hyde, and how he judges the current dance Electro scene today. With numerous instant classics on labels such as Hallucination Recordings and Frajile Records (as J&H), Dynamix II with David Noller (as Dynamix II), Joey Boy (as Industrial Bass Machine along with UK's Bass Junkie) just to name a few, Scott has nothing more to prove that he hasn't finished to get talked about!

    Chris Nexus 6: Welcome Scott, it’s an honor to have you do this interview with me, I am a huge fan of your music! This might be a famous story, but from my European eyes, it remains untold. Briefly tell me how you got into making music, what were your main influences as a kid? What inspired you to get into making music?

    Scott Weiser: I began playing piano at age seven and switched to synthesizer and computers in my teenage years. By the luck of the stars, I always had a knack for music, it’s difficult to explain. I would go see movies with my mom even back when I was six or seven years old, and come home afterwards and play parts from the movie’s score or opening theme from the film on our families piano; all by ear and after only one listening in a theater. After witnessing this...Read more!

    Richard Elliott aka Lektroid has been a name to look for in the scene for a number of years now, but something you may not know is that this is nothing new for him. Having had a fair number of releases under the aliases "Brainstorm Crew" and "Wise Ones" during the height of the Rave era, and later in the mid to late 2000's as "Brainstormer"; which subsequently led to the creation of his infamous project in the Electro Bass scene as we know him today, Lektroid continues to gain ground as he builds a solid reputation for being a well-rounded composer, producer, and all around Electronics aficionado. Having built his very own Modular wall unit that would make Keith Emerson tremble at the knees, as well as some other cool gadgets like the "Lektrovox" vocoder, the artist is truly something very unique as his music represents in every way exactly who he is and what he wishes to convey sonicaly. This month, Santino Fernandez got a chance to catch up with him, as the two discuss his early life, career, love for electronics and the current hardware revolution...let's see what he has to say!

    Santino Fernandez: Welcome Rich, it’s a pleasure to do thi­­­­s interview with you. We are huge fans of your music here, and its amazing sense of depth and sentiment that it has. Briefly tell us how you got into making music, what were your main influences as a kid?

    Rich Elliott: It all started when I was really young. My mum would play classical music to get me off to sleep – I think it was the only way she could keep me quiet, as I was a very talkative child. She tells me that when the music came on I would focus intently on every note; she would explain what the music was interpreting. This was the start of my musical journey.

    Around the age of 12, I got into breakdancing after walking through the subway and seeing a couple of crews battling to Incredible Bongo Band’s “Apache”. I then started collecting music seriously, both Funk and Electro – I love those...Read on!

    After finishing up with the release of his new "Electronomia" EP, with partner Rafael Isnik on their imprint "Urban Dance Records", the Lux 4 Attack "Mad Vocalist" records his first-ever TechnoBass feature to date and with much anticipation.

    Featuring songs by Underground Resistance, Pip Williams, Kosmozo, Blastromen, as well as a showcase of some of the works found on their new EP, this punishing Techno Bass mix will get you moving from beginning to end as you get through the workweek....just don't let your co-workers hear it, they might like it! What are you waiting for? Get in...



    1. Blastromen - Computer Simulator
    2. Lux 4 Attack - Electro Dos Pretos
    3. Underground Resistance - Electronic Warfare
    4. Exzakt - Futureshock
    5. Mr. Velcro Fastener - Cityscapes
    6. Thomas Kress - Controlling The Crowd
    7. Keith Tucker - Face Your Fate
    8. Altern 8 - Return to Techno City
    9. Blastromen - Sexy Droid
    10. The Advent - E-Trax
    11. Anthony Rother - When The Sun Goes Down
    12. Lux 4 Attack - Zumbi Nation
    13. Lux 4 Attack - Psycho Tec
    14. JR 10 - Bass Madrid
    15. Kosmozo - Squinted Eyes
    16. Cyberquery - Twilight zone
    17. Pip Williams - Man vs Machine

    Find out more about Leandro Gore:

    Our review of this incredible release by Robert Cosmic:

    Robert Cosmic, respected Spanish Electro artist who by now has had his share of releases on numerous labels like Debonaire Records, Battery Park Studio, and Subsonic Device to name a few, returns here with a fabulous E.P. called "My Universe" on his own Mars Frequency Records.

    This eclectic marvel of Electro Music contains 6 songs full of ingenuity and perfectly balanced grooves to make you move your body. Robert's style is characterized by funky, slightly abstract compositions met by classy 808 Electro Bass beats that create fun and intriguing listening music, that provides just enough energy to get a dancefloor going.

    The first song on this record is a short, but highly enthusiastic production called "Loading...", which commences with alluring pads, as it quickly unravels into a Rotherish-styled jam carried by a spacey atmosphere that is aided by computerized female vocals that welcome you into Robert Cosmic's personal universe. Up next "Back To Reality" quickly brings you back into your senses as this...Read more!

    The Loudness War: you may have heard the term at some point over the past 15 years, and in fact, you may have even noticed that music has progressively gotten louder and louder over time as well. For those of us who have a keen ear, and perhaps its fair to say this is a department exclusive for audiophiles and sound engineers, there has been a noticeable difference in the loudness of music; especially Electronic Music, over the past 15 years or so, making it harder to listen to frequently, and often creating what is referred to as a "tiring" or "fatiguing" mix.

    While we can argue this is a new trend, the interesting thing is that it actually happened a long time ago as well during the days of 45's, where cutting engineers were asked to cut singles louder and louder in hopes Jukebox listeners would place their attention on the louder records, as well as getting Radio Station program directors to pick out the louder ones in favor of the others. Motown records were infamous for this, and were in fact considered to be some of the "hottest' records of the day for it. Artists who would find their record to be softer in volume than that of the...Read more!

    Our review of this great release:

    Straight from Poland comes the undisputed talent Szymon Zawadka aka PL_anet. Under his brand new alias Urban 209, the author of a notable discography with two albums on labels Borg Recordings and Electropunkz, invests this month in Japanese prime Electro imprint Anti Gravity Device run by AE35.

    Delivering his debut E.P. to date, the polish artist serves up on "Street Dialect" a copious digital pack with no less than seven cuts ranging from the Electro Bass to Electro Funk genres.

    In overture, "Urban Pacification" kicks things off with a powerful beat, eerie sounds and delayed vocals, drawing a dreamy atmosphere that could easily evolve into a nightmare. Ace!

    Submitting futuristic beats with an emphasis on dirty bass, "Onine" serves up a relentless track set to destroy any dancefloor thanks to a subtle use of 808 kicks. "Razor Waves" is another milestone of a track to bring closer to the sound of ADJ. A well cadenced rhythm over a classy melody drives the listener into a secured funky zone where he will easily...Read more!

    Our review of this wonderful release:

    Emeric Di Paoloa (Detelefunk) aka Luxus Varta lands on SolarOneMusic to inaugurate the first chapter of the label's brand new "Hubble Telescope" series with a monster of a release! Coming from the punk-rock scene, Emeric evolves in the shadows of Paris The Black FU (from Detroit Grand Pubahs) since 2005.

    "Everything Is Nothing" celebrates Luxus first ever E.P. and covers pretty much every corner of the Electro spectrum, starting with the heavy bass sororities of top notch "Kuft", an unforgettable journey into the depths of space. Dark and dirty modern Techno a la Drexciya with a bunch of Electro aesthetics characterize this piece of anthology constructed around an incredible rhythm made of harsh beats over nasty drums. Tone is given!

    Soulful "Ieloh", instantly following, leads us into a warm planet thanks to groovy melodies, urban and 80's touches. One of my favorites! Scifi "Floo" featuring Paris The Black FU contrasts with...Read more!