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    Here is the link for lastnights Urbanjedi - Jedi mind trax show on 09.02.12

    ‎1. Timezone - world destruction
    2. Xena - on the upside (dub)
    3.Kraftwerk - Numbers
    4.Torch song - prepare to energize
    5.Egyptian Lover - Living on the nile
    6.Newcleus - computer age (push the button)
    7.Aleem - Release yourself ( dub)
    8.Juanito - War of the worlds ( super stereo mix)
    9.Soundchasers - War games
    10.Biochip C - Bios Theme
    11.DJ Jealous J & DJ Jock D - DJ Wars
    12.Imatran Voima - Computer Booty
    13.Hydraulix - Nympho
    14.Blotnik Brothers - Meta Data
    15.Invisible Rockers Crew - Crater
    16.Double E - Electro Funk
    17.Downrocks - Pretoria (Acropolis mix)
    18.Dynamic Bass System - Innovator (DBS Remix)
    19.Mandroid - Ikon Symbol
    20.Blastromen - Follow the Command
    21.R21 - Minimum
    22.Global Surveyor feat K1 & Gab Gato - Global Surveyor (DBS Remix)
    23.Simulant - Wav.Form (mix)
    24.Silicon Scally - Paradigim
    25.Hardfloor - Skillshot ( Hardfloor vs Pip Williams version)
    26.Egyptian Lover - Keep it Hot ( remix)
    27.Urban Jedi - Space Hopper
    28.Jauzas the Shining - Particle (remix)
    29.Morphogenectic - Reneagade Electro Corporation ( remix)
    30.AS1 - Silent
    31.Art of Noise - Donna
    32.Soto - Monkey
    33.Photek - Complex

    Here is the link for lastnights Urbanjedi - Jedi mind trax show 26.01.12

    1.Warp 9 - Light years away
    2.T La Rock - Its Yours
    3.Roxanne Shante & UTFO - Roxannes backside (scratch mix)
    4.Maggotron - Thats my man throwin down
    5.Maggotron Crushing Crew - Bass rock the planet
    6.Bass Planet - Eddy Mix
    7.Dynamix II - Straight from the jungle
    8.The Drop Phenomenen - Area 51/Roswell incident
    8.Debonaire & Egyptian Lover - I didnt know get down ( DJ Thunderdome mixx )
    9.Funkmaster Ozone - Nightdriver the Delorean song
    10.Funkmaster Ozone - From 1979...the genesis
    11.Funkmaster Ozone - My symphony
    12.Mandroid - Teknology wars
    13.Leeroy Guest mix (c60 project side 1 mix )
    14.Urbanjedi - Cybernetic Organisims
    15.Newcleus - Destination Earth (Sbasship remix)
    16.Newcleus - Automan ( dub mix )

    If anyone is interested heres a link to the show i covered for ady lastnight on,Jedi mind trax friday night special 20.01.12

    1.Leeroy - Imperial Electro
    2.Industrial Bass Machine - I.B.M.
    3.Magic Mike & Infiniti - 2001 ( original mix)
    4.Cyberian Knights - This is the sound of underground
    5.Electro Overlord Scratch D - Rise destroy the jedi knights
    6.Debonaire - Watch me now
    7.Urban Jedi - Cybernetic Organisims
    8.Hardfloor - skillshot remixes (pip williams remix)
    9.Debonaire - TB 808
    10. Cee-onic - Electronic music
    11. Cee-onic - Unstoppable
    12.Debonaire - Mars
    13.Debonaire - When im on the block
    14.Debonaire - 16 little buttons
    15.Debonaire - Rock Planet
    16.Debonaire - Woofer Woofer
    17.Bass Mekanik - Bass Planet
    18.Mental Blox - First on the block
    19.Mental Blox - Machine
    20.Gary Numan & Ade Fenton - Leather sea (ade electro mix)
    21.DjR21 - Machine city
    22.Pollon - Lonely Planet
    23.Komarken Electronics - Test tube funk
    24.Made - Carrie Delta
    25.Jacen Solo - Cannabinoid
    26.Kalson - Digital Baroque
    27.Mandroid- Controlled Society
    28.Bit Stream - Monolith
    29.Cybotron - Techno City

    Heres the link to download the Urbanjedi - jedi mind trax show 12.01.12,tracklist will be uploaded tmrw
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    ‎1.Syncbeat - Music
    2.Key-matic - Breakin in space
    3.High Fidelity Three - B Boys Breakdance
    4.Twilight 22 - Siberian nights
    5.Heuristic Audio - Synaesthetics mix
    6.Dr Schmidt - Close Encounter
    7.Dr Schmidt - Shifter
    8.Dr Schmidt - The Engine cozmic remix
    9.Dr Schmidt - Gunkanjima
    10.The Invisible Rockers - Crater (R21 Vocoderpella mix)
    11.V.A. - The Tournement round 1
    12. V.A. - The Tournement round 2
    13.Hardfloor - skill shot (pip williams remix)
    14.Pip Williams - Analog sequencer
    15.The Brink - Bass locators

    This weeks Jedi Mind trax show 15.12.11

    1. The Egyptian Lover - Planet E
    2.Shantell - Love Attack ( club mix)
    3.Hashim - Primrose Path
    4.MC Cool Rock & MC Chaszy Chess - Taking Control (inst.)
    5.Z 3MCS - Triple Threat
    6.Imperial Brothers - We come to dub
    7.Man Parrish - Boogie down ( dub)
    8.World Class Wreck in Cru - Cabbage Patch ( inst.)
    9.Pip Williams - Analog Sequencer
    10. E.S.S. - Recall
    11. The Brink - Begin
    12.Various Artists - The Tournement Round 2
    13.Grow 21 - Growbots came and jacked my beatbox (beatapella)
    14.Grow - Even the things
    15.Shadowbunny - Interstellar powersurge
    16. Lady T & Medley who can roast the most guest mix
    Ali B -Music
    Badboe - My style (super cool)
    Blend - Scream for i
    Unknown - Funk tune
    FDEL - FDEL Bangz ( itsphizzle remix )
    Nighmares on Wax - African Pirates
    Trotter - My Way ( Phunk dub re smoked)
    Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop - Finale rmx feat Nat Ill
    WDRE & Freqnik - Favela b boy funk
    Mash & Monkee - Mexican B Boy (mr confuse remix)
    Torpedo Boyz- Gimmie a Bassline
    Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop - Al - Naafiysh(the Soul)
    Beatdusta - Let your feet stomp
    Timewarp INC - Discjoint (inst.)
    VA - Umbo and Balatz desert case
    DJ Food - Im the food
    Pecoe - Lend the hand
    Chico Mann - Estan Llmando
    The Wiseguys - Ooh la la (original mix)

    Quote from binalog;59172

    If they treat their customers like that Mike it's not hard for you or anybody to imagine how they treat the labels (at least the small ones...) :(
    Btw good luck with your new release bro, all the best! 8)

    Thanks Evan good luck with your new album too 8)

    Quote from dwellz rawkz;59023

    I was wondering what every one thought about the state of electro today. I personalty think there is not enough fans, most ppl that are in the scene are producers there is a serious overload of music coming out and releases seem to disappear within days. Scum bag label owners and promoters have ruined the scene, seem like gigs are just politics the same dj's and artist's play every event. The scene is divided. Lack of progression. We need to make this music heard. All music now is based on electronic music what better time than now.

    Please share your thoughts

    Sounds a bit like how it died out a bit in the mid 80s , history repeating itself,lets hope not :-/

    They also told me that Evan im still waiting for my copy of pathfinder kind of giving up on it,i dont think i will order from Templeplate anymore its taken them 2 months just too press a made to order record >:(

    This weeks Jedi mind trax show

    1. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Rhythym trax house party style
    2.Rodney O & Joe Cooley - Everlasting Bass
    3. 2 Live Crew - Beatbox ( remix)
    4.Erwin German- Beefbox
    5.Mantronix - Hardcore Hip Hop
    6.Egyptian Lover - Girls
    7.Steve Masters - Turntable Aktion
    8.World Class Wreckin Cru - Hes Bionic
    9.Newcleus - Cyborg Dance
    10.Young Bennie Valentino - Get tough
    11. Kobol Electronics pervaded showcase mix
    12.Dextrous Numerics - Eliminate the Humans
    13.Weltwirtschaft - Invention
    14.Komarken Electronics - Test tube Funk
    15.Kan3da - Stupid
    16.Komarken Electronics - Moonlight beat
    17.Resistance d - Approach & Identify