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    Originally released on Cassette in 2020 and sold out within days there are a few CD copies left here >>> Electro Freaks CD

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    Electro Freaks CD Version, 45 minute continuous mix split into 19 tracks!

    Comes with 2 sided tray card with Full track listing in slim jewel case.

    This Megamix features the new generation of electro, classics, remixes,
    808 raps and Miami Bass! Roughly 200 sound pieces mixed, layered, spliced,
    edited, and cut up!

    Mix also features a Mic drop by MC Luke Sick of Sacred Hoop/Gurp City/Megakut Records. Recommended listening for any fans of Newcleus, Egyptian Lover, Pretty Tony, Gucci Crew, Dynamix II etc.

    "This CD hasn't left my car" - David Noller (Dynamix II)

    Released May 1, 2020. Recorded 2018-2020 in San Jose California

    Cover Art By Eric Lindsey Design at Eye and Hand Society SF

    Made by USA DMC Champ & recently crowned 'The Nammshow 2020' Stokyo Battle Royal World Champion DJ Traps.