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    Hello, my name is Cameron. I'm from Oregon, in the United States.

    I've been following electro for around 18 years and DJing a bit longer than that. My friend Megaphysics and I hosted a monthly club night at Ground Kontrol Arcade in Portland Oregon called "Logical Aggression" for about 10 years. (Thinking back on it now I've actually played music released by Electro Empire at that night). And for the last three years I've been hosting a weekly radio show over on aNONradio.

    I used to read this site back in the mid 2000s looking for new releases. I used to think of Electro Empire as the "oldschool" electro forum and Electroalliance as the "newschool" forum. Now those "newschool" records I was buying are 15 years old.

    I should've made an account here a long time ago, but written communication like this is hard for me, particularly forums. Time to get over that.

    I love all (okay, most) kinds of "electro". If I had to pick one release as my favorite it would be Eggfooyoung's Breakdance And Motivate EP.