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    Recent mix aired.

    Disco Panonia 323 - LCN presents - Kraftjerkz Special by Le Chocolat Noir

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    Originally broadcast on intergalactic FM // contains tracks by Le Chocolat Noir, Kid Ginseng scratch tape, Ginseng Chronicles Vol. 3, and special Kraftjerkz mix by Le Chocolat Noir // Ginseng Chronicles Vol. 3: On A Bayside High streaming now on all platforms. cassette/digital available on

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    Ole Mic Odd - Robotronix // 12" Red Vinyl Disc/digital file

    pre-order direct and support:

    Robotronix, by Ole Mic Odd
    4 track album


    Ole Mic Odd aka Michael Padgett is an exemplary specimen of the “New American Electro” which Kraftjerkz champions. Distorted drums, dark pads and sinister vocoder make him a remarkable LA producer. Robotronix combines the heavy American electrofunk rhythms of classic LA, Detroit, and Miami with menacing post-punk melody. Includes turntablist-friendly Detroit style remix by label boss, Kid Ginseng. At 067, Kraftjerkz could be America’s answer to Bunker. Let the DJs decide.

    Ships December 16, 2022

    also coming soon to your favorite European shop and some USA ones too this December.

    "Electro Kraftjerkz 001" Spotify Playlist updated!

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    Kid Ginseng feat. Questosahn - Chrome Belt Buckle

    Chrome Belt Buckle, by Kid Ginseng feat. Questosahn
    2 track album


    Kid Ginseng and Questosahn are back again proving they are in fact, "Elektro Brotherz!" The combination of Ginseng's punchy rhythm track and Questosahn's air-tight turntable manipulations should appeal to fans of mid-1980s electro turntablist pioneers, Knights of the Turntables. Enjoy Ginseng's hard machine funk production and Quest's highly musical scratching! The two are true craftsman who have raised the bar for their new plateau.

    Kid Ginseng Spotify:

    DJ Quest-Questosahn Spotify:

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    Turntable Tuesday 002 (Feat. Kid Ginseng Kraftjerkz) 11.15.2022
    All scratch music show dedicated to the art of recorded music made using turntables, featuring scratch music from the old school to current releases. Episode…

    All scratch music show dedicated to the art of recorded music made using turntables, featuring scratch music from the old school to current releases. Episode 002 guest interview with Kid Ginseng of Kraftjerkz record label. originial twitch live stream 11.15.2022 hosted by US DMC champ, DJ Traps.

    We talk about electro.

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    Hello fellow freaks,

    Di'jital & Kid Ginseng - Maestros on the 1200s

    The reviews are in!

    "Humans and machines at their very best! If I was in the front row of this show - I wouldn't want it to end." - Money Mark (Beastie Boys, Mo' Wax Records)

    "Oh man, I listened to it the other day, I enjoyed it!" - Detroit In Effect

    "Kid Ginseng and Di'jital's Maestros on the 1200s had me in electro school with super dope, obscure tracks that left me wanting more..." - Questosahn aka DJ Quest (Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters)

    Maestros on the 1200s, by Di'jital & Kid Ginseng
    1 track album

    Detroit Technobass pioneer, Di'jital and Tom Tom Club's turntablist, Kid Ginseng team-up for a 3rd official release: Maestros on the 1200s. A 60 minute electro club mixtape with some turntablist tricks! Each DJ takes 30 minutes per side to offer you their individual personality within the international electro scene. Kid Ginseng's side features many releases from his Kraftjerkz label and includes tracks by ALONZO, DJ Maaco, DJ Technician, The Remora, Speaking Parts, and his own productions. Di'jital's side is mysterious and features tracks from Detroit, LA, Germany and beyond, including some of his own custom works. The two DJ's met at Brooklyn's esteemed, Good Room club in 2018 and performed together in Bed Stuy later that year.

    track list is printed on cassette J-card

    Side B: Di'jital is on physical cassette tape-only!

    ships October 28, 2022

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    Hello freaks,

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    Kid Ginseng - Heavyweight Rhythm Trakz … ythm-trakz


    11 Hard AF electro breakbeats unearthed from over 20 years of magnetic mpc diskettes showcasing a sample-delic sound inspired by Marley Marl, Arabian Prince, AUX88 and DJ Di’jital. Labeled by bpm, we invite you to DJ, loop, chop, or whatever your robot heart desires. Intended for serious DJs, producers, or general beatfreaks. Lets hear your creations!

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    NEW Plastic Ivy!

    Aesthetics of the Death Wish, by Plastic Ivy
    4 track album

    Plastic Ivy - Aesthetics of the Death Wish

    12" vinyl / Digital

    Philadelphia minimal electronics artist Plastic Ivy returns to Kraftjerkz with 3 profound, cold tracks in addition to funky electro remix for the clubs by Philadelphia's Speaking Parts.

    available on Kraftjerkz bandcamp or your favorite European shop now.


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    Tracklistings Mixtape #540: Kid Ginseng - Kraftjerkz Mix (Vinyl-Only)

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    Tracklist :
    01. Kraftwerk - Radioaktivitat (Kling Klang)
    02. ALONZO - Throwback (Marguerita)
    03. Kid Ginseng - Bang The Boom (KJDA)
    04. Succisa - Velamen (Kraftjerkz)
    05. DJ Technician - My Beat Is A Monster (Bunker)
    06. Kid Ginseng - Fractal Detroit 011 (Lost Soul Enterprises)
    07. DJ Maaco - I’m In My Lane (Rotterhague)
    08. Speaking Parts - JJ-180 (Kraftjerkz)
    09. Drakkar Noir - Chromies (Kraftjerkz)
    10. Plastic Ivy - Superior Corruption (Speaking Parts Remix) (Kraftjerkz)
    11. The Remora - Torpedo (Kraftjerkz)
    12. DJ Di’jital - 808 Kits (Trust)
    13. AUX88 - Time Space (Direct Beat)
    14. Kid Ginseng - Roller Rink Scratch (feat. Questosahn) (Kraftjerkz)
    15. DJ Di’jital - Electro Hop II (Trust)
    16. DJ Di’jital DJ Maaco - Aliens N Effect (Di’jital Axcess)
    17. Binary System - Voyager (Will Web Remix) (Zero One Music)
    18. Alien II - Alien II (Di’jital Axcess)
    19. DJ Flare - Butt Crack Breaks (Dirtstyle)
    20. Luke Eargoggle - Professor Laphroaigh (Brokntoys)

    Bio :
    Born in the Bahamas, 25% French American citizen has been mixing and scratching since 1997. Known for proper electro, he produces tracks, and runs the Kraftjerkz label played by DJs such as I-F, Helena Hauff, Danny Daze, Nina Kraviz, Solvent etc. He has had releases on Lost Soul Enterprises, Basement Floor, Hip Hop Slam, and La La Land. He is also touring turntablist for funk group, Tom Tom Club touring in such places as North America, Japan, UK, and Western Europe. His name has shared the credits with DJ Qbert, Shortkut, and DJ Quest on multiple compilations released by Bay Area label, Hip Hop Slam. He has also collaborated multiple times with Detroit's technobass pioneer, DJ Di'jital. In 1999 he produced an electrofunk megamix cassette distributed by Turntablelab and the famous Fat Beats NYC. More electro to come... for digital files and 12” vinyl."

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    Hello real freaks,

    New record.

    Kid Ginseng - Twenty One

    12" vinyl + files available for pre-order on kraftjerkz bandcamp:

    or Juno:…eng-twenty-one/846364-01/


    Following in the tradition of artists like Detroit in Effect and DJ Di’jital, Kid Ginseng brings us another dose of classic, analog-driven electro with his newest EP, Twenty One. The EP features two versions of three hyper-catchy cuts, and both the remixed versions and originals are capable of holding their own. Kid Ginseng’s work might be compared to early K1 and DJ Godfather, and Twenty One gives us a dose of drum sounds with character, while embracing the sound of the sampler by using diskettes à la 1980's LA electro. Detroit electro, though, continues to be a central inspiration, and the first cut, “Keep Your Distance”, is a prime example of this. The track features watery analog elements that build around a video-game inspired vocal sample, and its lo-fi percussion gives it an authentic, analog touch. The remix double of this track, “Keep Your Distance (Trashcan mix)”, has a different feeling altogether but nothing is lost. A muted electro synth melody hooks us, as does slapping, steady percussion. But “Keep Your distance” is just the first example of the infectious melody and raw character that permeates the entire EP. “Bang the Boom (Bare Bones Mix)” delivers a similar vibe, but leans darker with a deep, gritty bassline that fuels the shadowy force of the track. It’s twin remix, “Bang the Room”, maintains the same beat structure but switches it up with some added vocals that bring extra fire to the dance track. The real standout, however, is the dance floor banger “Roller Rink Scratch”, which employs classic scratch samples from DJ Quest. The samples not only energize the body and mind, but they maintain that lo-fi feel, and therefore, rather than dominating the track, keep it balanced. In fact, for such power bangers, the EP feels extremely balanced, and nothing feels out of place. All elements blend well together and deliver an incredibly rewarding listen that is pretty much guaranteed to get you out of your seat. It’s one of Kid Ginseng's best yet.
    one-sheet by Taylor Bratches

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    Di'jital & Kid Ginseng - Lobster Diskette Breakz

    available now for digital download…m/lobster-diskette-breakz


    Di'jital & Kid Ginseng are back delivering tracks with the serious electro DJ, turntablist, or general beat-freak in mind, including bonus scratch track featuring the legendary DJ Quest aka Questosahn. Detroit/NYC/San Francisco connection. Flawless mastering by Dietrich Schoenemann. Werd!

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    Various Artists - Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 5

    Will be out at the usual European shops which stock electro.

    support the label direct.

    pre-order 12" vinyl here:…funk-is-our-game-volume-5


    The Kraftjerkz compilation series Machine Funk is our Game is back with another installment. Volume 5 features some long-time players like Alonzo and DJ Di’jital, while also introducing some new names to the Kraftjerkz roster as well. Alonzo starts the comp strong with a hyper catchy, growling cut that derives its fuel from a low, moody synth line that expands like a monster coming out of the murky abyss. High-pitched, zany synth rhythm keeps everything in balance, though, and the looping melody on this track is so solid that you can endlessly ride it. Konerytmi’s track, “Replikantti” is an electro cut whose tight, truncated percussive elements and warp-speed synth arpeggiation creates both the melody and the rhythm, keeping us hooked from start to finish. The EP turns a bit with the next track, “TicTac” by Zarcon, that begins with a UFO-infused vocal, before squelchy acid melody and speedy, twinkling synth takes over. DJ Di’jital’s track, like all of the tracks he releases on Kraftjerkz, is a quality standout, and its name says it all. “Jit it Up” delivers a hefty dose of Detroit-style jit / footwork, with its driving electro beat and laser-quick synth that seems to touch 150 BPM territory. What follows is the vocoder-laced cut from Cybereign, “Breathing Apparatus,” remixed by Mr. Kraftjerkz himself, Kid Ginseng. Finally, just when we think we’ve maxxed out our senses, the EP ends on the super weird, super original track, “Shaftwerk” from Bart Karlos. It’s a no-holds-barred banger meant to work the body. Bottom line: there’s really no filler on Machine Funk is Our Game, Vol 5. It might even be the best installment of the compilation series yet. In terms of quality, this is electro at its finest, and any of these six tracks would enhance any late-night set.

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    THURS. MARCH 25th 5pm EDT

    Serotoninusa is proud to present a 40 minute studio megamix of new and classic electro by the adventurous turntablist trio Elektro Flexx: DJ Quest, DJ 2 Fresh, and Kid Ginseng. This mix is paired with the equally adventurous video art of Liz Wendelbo.

    DJ Quest, AKA Questosahn, is a pioneer in Bay Area turntablism, the originator of the widely adopted “Hamster Style” scratching technique, and co-creator of the first ever battle break record, “Hamster Breaks” (1992). He is also the founder of Jazz/Hip-Hop trio LiveHuman, a group known for its improvisational use of the turntable as an instrument.

    DJ 2Fresh began flexing his quickmixing skills at Bay Area house parties, radio stations and major venues in 1985, and by the late 90’s he achieved national, international, and major label success. He joined forces with DJ Quest as “Mission Cartel” on a series of remixes and vinyl “Skipless-Combo” DJ tool battle records.

    Bahamian-born DJ Kid Gensing has been mixing and scratching since 1997. He runs the critically acclaimed Kraftjerkz label, has released with Lost Soul Enterprises, Basement Floor, Hip Hop Slam, and La La Land, and has collaborated with the likes of DJ Qbert, Shortkut, and Detroit technobass pioneer DJ Di’jital. In 1999 he produced an electrofunk megamix cassette distributed by Turntablelab and the famous Fat Beats NYC. He is also touring turntablist for legendary funk group, Tom Tom Club .

    Debonaire All Stars – Armageddon Beats
    Aux 88 – Aux Express
    302 – Lectric Groove
    Underground Resistance – Electronic Warfare
    Jonzun Crew – We Are The Jonzun Crew
    X-Visitors – The Planet Doesn’t Mind
    Planet Patrol – I Didn’t Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock & Roll)
    Harold Faltermeyer – Fletch
    The World Class Wreckin’ Cru – Juice
    Planet Detroit – Invasion From Planet Detroit
    Chris “The Glove” Taylor David Storrs – Reckless
    E.S.P. – Extrol
    Dazz Band – Joystick
    The Force – Force Groove
    The World Class Wreckin’ Cru – Mission Impossible
    Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt
    Twilight 22 – Siberian Knights
    Bose – Rock The World
    Afrika Bambaataa The Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock
    Fast Lane – Young Ladies
    Uncle Jamms Army – Yes, Yes, Yes
    Pretty Tony – Jam The Box
    Grandmaster Flash – Message II
    Jamie Jupitor – Computer Power
    Rodney O & Joe Cooley – Your Chance To Rock
    Cybotron – R-9
    The Knights Of The Turntable – Techno Scratch
    The X-Men – X-Men
    Began Began – Computer Wars
    Laid Back – White Horse
    DJ Quest & DJ 2 Fresh – Code 48
    Kraftwerk – It’s More Fun To Compute
    Pretty Tony – Fix It In The Mix
    Cybotron – Clear
    L.A. Dream Team – Rockberry Jam

    see YOU on twitch! Let's chop it up in the chatroom:) :headspin: :blaster:…user_associated&ref=notif

    Hello beatfreaks,

    FREE to stream on YouTube!

    Kid Ginseng - Germanik Robotz Side A (1999 Electro B-Boy Mixtape)

    KRAFTJERKZ 040 electro tape for b-boys and b-girls.
    Includes Arthur Baker interview on both sides.
    DJ Qbert - "Yo, I just heard your tape! It's real nice with all the old school hard to find electro boogie shit I love so much! Dope shit. Nice skratching, original concepts, and I can't wait for your next project!" summer year 2000 sold by Turntablelab and Fat Beats nyc.

    full digital download is name-your-price here: … obotz-1999

    all Kid Ginseng digital tapes are name-your-price on kraftjerkz bandcamp.

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