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    i remember hearing a korg s3 in sheffield carlsbro music store about was really expensive price £1000,sounded decent,, kind of korgs answer to rolands r8 human rhythm composer. you can get them fairly cheap now on ebay sometimes,if you could get hold of an s3 or r8 for a good price,either would be good .not really as tweakable or electronic as it sounds like you are wanting tho,,

    sounds like something like the "waldorf attack" rack or vsti would be more suitable,..
    i have an er1, its good for electronic percussive fx,but the kiks and snares are limited and not so strong. aso the ry30 is capable of decent results and pretty cheap to pick up nowadays.. i would recommend the waldorf attack ...


    i paid roland r8 for 50 euros (lucky me ! ) ;]]]]]] 2 years ago , if s3 sounds like attack vstI , that's great !!!! thanks for info

    but ain't "modular" as er-1 ... korg s30 is predecetor for er-1 but r8 is world best ever made drum machine because for his micro micro editability for each drum ! ... user manual has 300/400 pages !!! ...

    also jx8p in da action


    maybe but i compare it accidentaly with blofeld , for me blofeld sounds more usefull , i respect and like moogs and their legacy but little phatty sounds fat as they claim ... maybe new mini sounds "Retro" ...

    also adding to the list electribe series with tubes built in ... with little exception for emx ...

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    never touch the jx 3p(one day i will put my hands on it), i have the jx 8p and now finally with the pg800 and is like i have a new synth!!!! i am like a little boy with brand new shoes!!

    here's how jx8p sounds in action main lead/pad and square synth are jx8p rest is attack vstI dtum machine (custom made preset) and ppg vstI's ...


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    Might i add the Roland SH 201 to this list the puff daddy of modern synths :ugly:

    roland sh 201 is very serious synth , but it need sometime to dedicate to him (as for all roland gear) to figure that is a monster 303 totally unsuable (i know it starts all groovebox mania , but comparing with mc 505 , children chinese synths sounds more serious )

    2. rm1x (in depth programming sucks and also "fx's")

    3. korg x5d

    4. neko synth's (i dont need vstI's into machines , we have a laptops )

    5. roland mc 307 (it's same as 505 but with technics 1210 pitch control ...)

    6. korg er-1 (timing isn't right ... always skips for 0.33 bpm to have "analog" feel of sequecing) but it's my fave drum machine after tr707 and r8

    that's on the fly maybe litle bit later i will get something ... oh yeah

    7. moog litle phatty (ain't fat it's very skinny one ;] )

    Tracklist for yesterday show

    1. Far 2 Loud - Dancefloor Destroyer

    2. Big Bang Breaks - hey boy hey girl (head splitterz rmx)

    3. Breakheadz - No Pain No Gain (Vip Mix)

    4. Dj Fixxx - Shake It Nuaghty

    5. Vent - White Out

    6. Equalizers - Emetic

    7. Firefarm - Volatile (Pyramid Rmx)

    8. Freeflow - Ear Fracture

    9. Hanuman Tribe - Baba Jaga (Eshericks Rmx)

    podcast link will be updated litle bit later

    @ mandorid

    do you have any chance to try korg s3 ???? any impressions ???? i thinking for a while to skip searching for 808/909 machines ... i have some needin' to find that "modular" kind of rhythm machines that you can creat you own drum sounds like a korg er-1 and stuff like that and also what do you recommend about that kind of drum machines ???

    thanks in advance :)))

    maybe i will be faster programmer with pg800 but i dont have money and time to search and it's much expensive then i paid the synth (120 euros in mint condition) :)))) it's much fun to do step by step ... lot of "weirdish" sequence you can do with lfo and vcf ... definetlly very overrated synth ... best pad/synth lead you can create with this hidden monster ... i wish i can own jx3p to create more acidic/sync sounds together with jx8p :)))) listen repetitor(basicly the test what jx8p can do square synth and main lead theme are with jx8p) and previous track that i create as G+Shame radioaktiv/midnight express all of these are sampled jx3p and jx8p ... :))))

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    here's the track list

    podcast link litle bit later

    Scratch D & H-Bomb - Nightmare 2003 (Sensei's Nightmare)
    RadioActive Man - Sight & Sound
    Moon Disco - What I
    Omar Santana - Reacto Pad
    KE - Zentralrechner
    Professor X- Professor X (Saga)
    Bass Junkie - extreme force
    Al Ferox - Welcome to the ferox paradice
    Keith Tucker - oscillator (Bonus Beats)
    Imperial Stormtroopers - panic button