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    And to not miss anything that's posted in the 100+ Electro related spam "groups" you would need to check them all on a half-daily basis, because otherwise new release infos that don't get a lot of comments or get re-posted there again and again will be all buried under tons of other spam within a day.

    I agree with all of this.
    To the amount of "Spam" in the new releases, the wrong use of the term "Electro" gives even more confusion to it. Also the big online shops are too dumb and seem to employ brainless idiots with no idea of general music genres... so all the genre search is mostly fucked up there.

    For releases I like to check the websites of the labels themselves (if they still have one and are not only available on FB) and the forum here. And for digital releases I really like junodownloads... in my opinion the only of the "big" online shop, that still manages to filter the genres quite good... not 100%, but still good.

    I live totally without Facebook and Whattsapp for some Month now, and I have to say, that I don't have the feeling of being uninformed or missing something.
    Also for party-dates... the important ones still are present in different other forums. And to the important people I still can manage my contact with normal Email or phone. ;)

    Perhaps it is a good idea for labels and party-makers to get back to the "newsletter"-system to inform people about new releases and dates.

    Hi there.

    As some of you know I run the little label called "Endlich Elektro" for some years now.

    Lately I decided to quit my personal profile on facebook. Of course this was the one I also managed the "Endlich Elektro"-facebook-site with.

    As facebook kicked me out 3 times now, trying to create an account that does not have all my personal data in it (they always wanted that I send them a copy of my ID... what the fuck! >:( ), I now can't manage the site directly any more. Friends do it for me now. That makes some things quite complicated :-/ and I also lost some contacts to music related people who don't seem to use other communication-lines than facebook any more. ???

    But the latest outcomes and developments on facebook only underlined my decision to quit it.
    The spreading of the information on the facebook sites strongly depends on the traffic and likes... or on the money you spend to get more appearance in the news on other profiles.
    Facebook works on quantity of clicks, not on quality of music basically... (of course sometimes that is related, but most of the times it is not, as you should know...)
    So facebook sites will get more and more into the commercial direction. That plays out the survival of the fittest based on money or number of likes.
    That is another punch in the stomach for little independant labels and artists and with little specialised fans... (as if the more and more overtaking streaming services for music with their music-flatrates woudn't kill enough of us, knocking out our anyway not-to-mention incomes from some sells of digital tracks).

    So, the label-facebook-page will stay for a while. But I think it is time to switch to other social networks soon.
    And an important hint for you, who have a site on facebook: ALWAYS have at least two admins on a facebook page... if you are the only one an kicked out, the site is abandoned but can't be deleted so easily...

    What is the conclusion out of this for me?
    Well ok, I was whining around a little bit. But a good future conclusion comes out of it and makes me happy again:
    I am very glad we have Electro Empire! I think independant forums have been, are and will be the most democratic and connective form of sharing information about special topics. And they attract people who wanna read and think and write... so to say to be more active and engaged than just clicking a little button. ;) And I see that our music style is still able to use the old-fashioned communication-styles and to hit some high quality sounds that are loved by their fans without having gotten munched up by the big bad music companies!
    Let us revive the paper flyers and the Secret-SMS-Messaging-Party-Inivtations! ;D

    So, thanks Electro Empire to be so reliable and thank all the active members for their input and high quality information and discussions here! ;D

    Hey Folks.

    The known problem:
    You do live-acts, are busy playing and filtering the gear, and you are using a vocorder or voice-transformer without a free hand or the ability to raise your head to the mic all the time.

    So, who of you has experience with headset- oder neck-microphones?

    What do you recommend?

    (I'm not looking for a home-production-thing, but for one for real live-acts with a fucking loud music level all around the club... so mind the acoustic feedback-issue, please!) :-/

    Greetinx from Berlin,

    Timo aka Takter.

    Ok, now here come my Remix of the above one... check it out here:

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    Check out what happens, when three Electro enthusiasts meet for coffee and cake on a Saturday afternoon... with Solitud, Takter and Stan

    Live-Set provides Moog Voyager, Dave Smith Polyevolver and Prophet, Doepfer A100 Modular, xOxbOx, Korg Electribe.

    See and hear us with the gear here:

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    Out in the known online-shops today: Takter - Ruler of the Galaxy EP. A journey through space and time with the special Masters of the Remix-Universe Stars: TAKTER, PHAT CHEX, MANDROID, THE HIDDEN PERSUADER and BASTIAN BUESSER. Digital Release on Endlich Elektro Recordings, in the know online shops at Saturday. Check it out:…of-the-galaxy/1731301-02/

    Takter (Endlich Elektro Recordings, Germany)

    Hey there! Endlich Elektro Recordings is starting to plan the digital releases for the rest of 2010 and for 2011.
    We have some space left for good music, unknown artists are as welcome as known artists. As we have a very good distribution partner our tracks go out to all the big online-stores. We are mainly looking for Electro, Electrofunk and Electro-Breaks, but related good stuff or just stuff that makes us say "Whhooaah, thats some funky shit!" will be supported as well. Just send in your demo as mp3 to our dropbox, give us your listening links, contact us at soundcloud, at Facebook or by Email (but please no Songs via Email!).


    Timo aka Takter
    Endlich Elektro on Facebook