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    Yes I agree, lets ignore the facts, never get an anwser to how the chart is being formed, and just take self praise as something undeniable and untouchable.

    Hello? I meant the posts that went off-topic, like the ones about unpaid invoices and email conversations about it. I guess those do not concern the chart? Anyway, I'm not an administrator, was just an opinion, so continue anyway you want.

    Couldn't agree more with previous posts, that it's truly rediciolous to bring this type of stuff in public.

    I suggest to delete the previous posts that went off-topic and persons involved should contact directly Morgan in private to solve things out.

    How about that?

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    Oh some of the vids on You tube are awful.
    This is one of the better ones for giving a flavour of this beast.

    Ok, now there're more promising sounds to hear from it. Those other awful videos were showing the presets which consist of several layered patches fully packed with phaser, ringmod, reverb and delays, all at once...

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    find Jexus on youtube to hear what blofeld can do

    Usually videos from Jexus tell a lot, but for some reason he was using quite odd patches too, if I remember correctly.

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    Waldorf Blofeld..


    Tell me your experiences so far. I've been searching around some demonstrations of it in the internet but still haven't found any decent. All the demos consist of odd and almost useless sounds which seems to be Waldorf's preset style. Can you get good basic analog/va -sounds out of it?

    Hello there,

    I've had the same Behringer midi controller once but found it a bit too large and switched it to Behringer nano controller for a better portability. I think Behringer products are decent as long as there's no audio signals going through them. :)

    To answer the original question my latest bought was Roland JX3P with PG200-controller. For the price it's very powerful synth, warm analog sound with fast and enthusiastic sound editing. Despite of all the good quality the worst lack is to have only one envelope to deal with :-/