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    Looks and sounds crap. Cheap plastic rompler. Move on...

    Yea plastic looks kinda crappy, Can't really tell the sounds from youtube videos, and from what I have read it is not a rompler, it is an analogue modeling synth.. I think there might be some PCM waveforms in there, I can't decide.. I dont have alot of money and the rotary encoders r trippin on my Electribe EMX(third emx i have owned with SAME problem)..

    And as for Romplers.. I think they tyte.. Have you ever played an electribe em1? I think it is an amazing rompler.. All thos Emu grooveboxes are tyte too.. I dont mind whether it is a rompler or analogue synth.. I think if it sounds good you gotta use it..

    DO you know something around $500 that can give me that superSaw I desire??? I don't really have the patience for VST/computer stuff, I am really int othe live tweaking.. If you know some good things that sound like JP - 8000 (an analogue MODELING synth) I would really like some help or recommendations..

    So far I am stuf using the de-tuned unison saw in my EMX..

    Hmm .. Looks kinda dope..

    Lookin for some inexpensive thang like this ($700 actually still pretty steep)

    Can't find a JP8000 used anywhere round here..

    what you guys think??



    I stopped carrying when I realized whas up..i used to feel the same.... If you are smart just call your music whatever.. it doesnt matter.. when I dj or do live pa i just tell em "Yah Electro house" "yea!!!! DUBSTEP" etc.. and then just play electro funk.. nobody cares, esp the people who call it other stuff.. just semantics really.. do whatever you can to get money or hypnotize people or get ladies or whatever ur after call the music whatever keyword is good


    Survival of Summer, a fashion and art exhibition
    May 13th to June 5, 2010
    OPENING NITE: May 13th
    private reception 7-8pm
    opening public reception and party 8pm-2am
    *DJS, bands, and drag performances all nite!!!
    Artists: Domonique Echeverria, Merkley???, Archie Mckay, Ross Jones, John Bryars, Sarah Curtiss, Missy Echeverria, Brawlio Elias, Erika Von Petrin, Errol and Casey Matricia, and Kimi Recor
    Performers: Glammamore! Ambrosia Salad! Blowie! Chelsea Wolfe! and djs Errol Matricia, David SanzFrancisco, AND THE PARTY EFFECTS CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My friends art/fashion party .. nobody there really dances or even knows about cool music or has even heard of freestyle music.. BUT WE ARE GIVING IT TO THEM ANYWAY

    check out this insane video flyer for it (I remixed a classic freestyle song too)


    This night is all about the FREESTYLE LATIN HIP HOP, OUR ELECTRIBE SX's, AND GETTING $100 CASH !!!!!!!!!!

    Big fan of Dirty South shit right here!!!

    I love the 808 and super low bass sounds of these tracks:

    This track has the super low bass and 808 OUT OF CONTROL...
    and on top of that the song is about girls "poppin it" !!!!!!
    R.I.P. Pimp C

    I noticed none of you mentioned CENTRAL VALLEY style hip hop.. All that hard 808 !!!!!
    Most of the music produced by norteno gangs in Salinas and Monterey, as well as some other places in the Bay Area in California!!

    This guy Casper locz is soooo dope!!!
    This is one of the hardest songs I have ever heard..
    "suckas gotta die, gotta die, FUCK L.A."
    extremely poor quality vocal production but is still so tyte!!!!!

    Hmmmmm sounds like you got some good stuff going on.. I would recommend for the mixing part just to adjust the levels to something you feel good about.. use your monitors properly and also experiment with headphones, boombox, car stereo, and if possible PA system.. You just got to get a real feeling of how loud you want each of your parts to be and where you want them to fit in the mix... Try to find that sweet spot that sounds good to you and is at the same time acceptable on various formats and make sure there is not too much sub-bass to damage speakers/sound crappy.. and apply only minimal if any effects to percussion before you figure out your levels...

    As far as mastering and the final stages.. I recommend getting a friend who knows about this kind of stuff or hiring a specialist.. cuz think about it.. you are listening to your track SOOOO many times, and if you are like me, something can always bother you about it and it can drive you crazy... get someone else to master it.. It is also a good way to support the community and have others participate in your creative process as well as get some advice on your tracks

    it takes time to process i think.. but yea man i think soundcloud is a bunch of trash..

    who needs sound cloud when you got Facebook and HULKshare(incredible hulk themed filesharing/hosting service lololol)

    serious tho

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    So i wonder who and how someone changed the title from (Electro Mix) to Electrohouse???
    By the way Sissy Nobby rocks with the New Orleans bounce but we wanted to do a remix for all the electro fans.

    ussually here electro is with 808 kick and on 1-7-11-and-14.

    electro house is very different and anger invoking here because of semantics issues 8) ..