[FBS026]Pedro Mercado & Deejay Derek - Gualapa [Fix By Six Records]

  • Tracklist:

    1- Pedro Mercado & Deejay Derek - Gualapa (Original Mix)
    2- Pedro Mercado & Deejay Derek - Gualapa (Kaixta dip a toe Remix)


    This release named 'Gualapa' - by Pedro Mercado & Deejay Derek -
    is a sumptuous journey through sexy teched-out deep beats, that builds wonderfully !

    Belgium based DJ/Producer Pedro Mercado is a very known name in the belgian
    house scene and has been on a steady ascent since his release 'Hallelujaaahhh'
    on Factomania in 2011. Last year he scored an even bigger underground
    hit with 'You Take Me There (Behind The Sun)' on German imprint Gold Rcrds
    which reached Beatport Top100 TechHouse.
    All these releases were in association with his studiopartner Karada,
    but this time he is teaming up with his good friend Deejay Derek.

    Deejay Derek is from Antwerp, Belgium.
    He has a long experience in the music industry as DJ,
    Radio Host and Booking- & Eventmanager. As Radio Host he has residencies in Rotationz
    & Kondo Beach (broadcasted on Topradio Fm, Bhot Radio, Zen Fm, Chic Radio, Radio 9, Warm Fm, Hit Fm,
    Dance Tunes Radio, Ibiza Global Radio,...).
    His popularity and success is as much about the music as it is his excitement and love for the scene.

    + last but not least we have Kaixta on the Remix duty!

    Mastering By Fuze Audio Mastering

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    Gualapa Original Mix

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    Radio Edit free dl on Hulkshare:

    Gualapa Original Mix radio edit

    Gualapa Kaixta remix radio edit

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