DeFeKT – Switch EP - Signal Code Records 04

  • Review:
    Year 2013 starts well for Mattew Flanagan aka DeFeKT! Following his latest appearance on Shameless Toady, the Irish talent (Takeover Recordings, Solar One Music) invests the brand new techno/electro orientated label Signal Code, based in Dublin.

    In overture of the four tracker, "Switch" offers a deep journey into moody Detroitish electro. Fusion of spacey and chill-out strings, much anticipated sounds and urban tonalities that perfectly fit together, this refine cut serves up some nice stripped down waves from the Motor City. Ace!

    While "Sunseq", a track with its own identity, signs an instant classic based upon a solid bassline, emotional layers and a heading atmosphere, filtered "Bring Back CV", on the flipside, delivers hypnotic clear synths flights completed with nice distorted melodies that turn a little bit darker at the end of the track.

    Finally, analogical "Trigger In" ends up this mind blowing EP with a cutting edge and granulated approach over eerie strings. Massive! No doubt one of DeFeKT's best modular EP so far. Perfect for dark basements and warehouses.
    12" & Digital, electro


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