"Electro" in German Beat magazine

  • Had to post it cause this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. ;D

    The German Beat magazine's current issue has a big "Electro" special … mainly focused on "New Electro" (whatever that is supposed to mean). Among the essential Electro "classics", they enlist Kraftwerk right next to David Guetta and La Roux. :o :ugly:


    I will actually buy the issue next week cause I have a long train ride coming up … will post more horror then.

  • Quote from Chuki;67931

    >:( they really don´t know anything about electro ....

    WE MUST FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they should come to pamplona to know what fuking electroooooo is!!

  • Update: This is the most confused thing I read in a long time.

    They don't even care to explain (let alone define) what they mean when they write about "Electro". This means that they are simultaneously using "Electro" for ALL of its meanings:
    - meaning "electronic music" in general
    - meaning "electro" as in Planet Rock, and influenced by certain Kraftwerk tunes
    - meaning "electro" as ALL the genres that are called electro today, as electro-clash, electro house

    And that is why Daft Punk, David Guetta, Benny Benassi, Fisherspooner and La Roux are right next to Kraftwerk and Afrika Bambaataa.
    Any attempt to look at stylistic differences? Nope.
    Any attempt to trace historic genealogies, relations and different evolutions? Nope.
    It's all one confused mess.

    Oh, and as a representative of "New Electro", they interview a guy called Solar One Music who I have never heard of.

  • Quote from elektroakust.;68069

    What kind of magazin is this? General Music mag?
    Maybe you should send them some feedback about the article.

    I already have, and I also referred them to electroempire.com. :)

    Beat is mainly about music production ... focused on popular electronic styles. Think of it as the German equivalent of Future Music, Computer Music or Sound On Sound. It has a huge print run, but the editorial quality is quite bad.

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