OUT NOW!: Metachemical - Network Psychology

  • Artist: Metachemical
    Title: Network Psychology
    Remixers: Cereal Killaz, Discosynthetique
    Genre: Breaks
    Label: Scrape Recordings
    Format: MP3


    Release info:
    Metachemical drops his first release on Scrape with a techfunk electro floor stormer sure to keep feet
    moving and heads bobbing to the hypnotic beat and dirty basslines. The first re-rub of the tune, comes
    from Cereal Killaz. The CK remix brings the nasty tearout sound the act has become known for, with a
    surprise change up mid tune into a progressive monster, complete with sweeping pads and delayed
    piano, sure to catch the attention of the ladies as well as the gents on. Next up comes the
    Discosynthetique remix, which is a blend of the same funky floor storming as the original, with an 80's
    synthpop and almost 8bit feel added to give a unique twist to the full release.

    Metachemical Short Bio:
    Recording since 1999 under various aliases, Mike Stannard has recently solidified his style with his
    work as Metachemical. Not satisfied with one style, Metachemical’s club tracks have spanned
    breakbeat, electro and drum and bass. Known for fat bass lines, melodic hooks and big beats,
    Metachemical has come into his own over that past two years and is ready to break out onto dance
    floors with breakbeat poundersand electro tinged floor fillers.


    What others are saying:

    Wavewhore (ELectrofly, BreaksFM, Audio Tactics, Broke)
    - Good stuff all around! The release offers something for everybody - from the tech-funk of
    Metaphysical's original to the harder-edged Cereal Killaz remix and on to the Discosynthetique's
    melody-driven rendition which might be perfect for a sunrise set on the island of Ibiza.

    Mike Henderson aka DJ Endo (DJ product Specialist - Native Instruments, )
    - Network Psychology is a club monster! This one is going in constant rotation on my club playlists
    along with the Discosynthetique Remix for the late night crew. The Cereal Killaz Remix is a rave rocker
    and I can't wait to drop it on NYC this weekend!

    Mikael Johnston of Mephisto Odyssey
    - Original has some very nice electro style synth work ... and would go down well in an
    electro or tech house set. The stand out track for us is the Cereal Killaz remix. Cereal Killaz
    are doing some of the best tear-out breaks on the east coast and this track is no exception.
    This one would feel at home in any peak hour breaks set, or could make excellent film music
    for something like Miami Vice 2 (if they were to make it lol), or any other cool action / thriller
    sequence for film or TV. Love the use of the female vox in the break down before it slams
    back in. Great track dynamics, drama and intensity is the name of the game whenever you
    hear the Cereal Killaz. Keep it up!

    Simply Jeff
    All three tracks are great in their own way. The Original is a no nonsense mix. Straight to the
    point with catchy hooks and solid beats that will instantly get you moving. The Cereal Killaz mix
    is a tuff tear out mix complete with heavy analog bass riffs and nice synth layers that changes up in
    the mix quite beautifully. The Discosynthetique remix is a cool electro breaks track with great stutter
    edits that gives a nice glitchy groove. All in all a mix for everyone who love more than one style of

    Excerpts from Review from Nuskoolbreaks.co.uk:

    Network Psychology:
    Now, i've loved this tune from the moment i heard it. bouncy techfunk that absolutely
    moves me. the kind of tune that if i heard played in a club by someone else, i'd definitely
    be out on the dancefloor. ... i like the first break - it's very bouncy, and the guitar-esque
    lines create a good contrast for the bouncy techfunk nature. im with this one wholeheartedly.

    Network Psychology (Cereal Killaz Remix):
    Crofton, Maryland's resident breakbeat something or other (and label head) cereal killaz
    does his thing on the first mix on this package, and it's a little bit of what you'd expect, and
    a little bit not. while still producing fas ass tearout, he's added a big dose of big room trancey
    prog into it, creating a remix that is sure to light up the up for it uk club crowd
    (you like my use of the phrase "up for it"). now, that said - it's still on the fast side, but
    for a sub-genre that, in my estimation, isnt seeing the dynamic releases that it's used to
    seeing, this is something that is a breath of fresh air.

    Also getting support from Myagi (West, Splank, Money Shot, Pure Phunk, FBSS, Howlin), Scarletti
    (Krispy Beatz Records), and many more

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