Established artists talk about their music.

  • Would be cool if some already established artists here on the board could talk a little about themselves and their music.

    How they produce.
    Why they produce electro.

    Feel free to use this thread as a platform to communicate with your fans if you want to.

  • Ok nice thread ...Producing and on our lives We use Roland Mc-808 , Yamaha RDS7000 , MPC1000 as grooveboxes sequencers and samplers , Novation Nova , Korg R3 and 2 Clavias Micro Modulars as synths and vocoders , technics and a mixer for the scratches ......

    Producing we don´t use computer , we use the computer only for the final mix of the sound and the mastering , in our lives we just conect our devices to our eurorack and we mix the tracks without a midi connection for the bpm , maybe it´s a little dangerous but we enjoy it .... lots of scratches and vocoders .... it´s funny.

    Electro it´s what we feel , when we record on real time it´s what it sounds .... we don´t know why .....

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