Which era do you like best in electro?

  • I love all the early 80s electro / rap stuff. While it still had the right amount of melody to it!
    And huge on the newer stuff from The Hague and the rest of Europe from Bunker, Viewlexx etc. A different sound all together but still pays tribute to the roots

  • 82, 83, 84, (85, 86 a little too)

    Electro had pretty much died after 87, maybe buying the odd electro styled tune like Dynamix II - Just Give The DJ A Break, Worse 'Em - Triple M Bass, JJ Fad - Supersonic, but really I was following Hip Hop and not Electro anymore, by 88/89 was getting more into the UK Hip Hop thing like the Music Of Life LP's(MC Duke etc), Although in 1989 alot of freestyle was filtering through into house music and quite liked that sound back then(Like Orange Lemon & Gangsters Of Freestyle etc).

    Apart from the odd 90's Detroit Electro/Techno fusion I thought Electro was officially dead until 1997/8 When I got the first Freestylers LP and found a DMX Krew 12" and the Clear 'Electric Boogie' 12" mixed by Dave Clarke, This actually got me collecting again - so was trawling Ebay for a few years hunting out loads of rare tunes - until the point of getting outbid with rediculously priced 12"s, Still haven't got 'B Boys Breakdance' & 'Feel The Force' and silly price stuff like that...

    I only went online in 2002 so was a bit late catching on to the modern Electro Scene, but still for me Electro's Golden Age was 82 - 84, but still some good stuff coming out later, I.e. Mantronix, T.La Rock etc etc, but looking back stuff I thought was Electro in 85/86 was more Drum Machine Hip Hop than Electro Funk, the scene/music had changed by then... :cylon:

  • absolute pinnacle for me would be 83 to 85 , 82 had some good points as did 86
    but by late 86 the sound was changing.breakdancing was becoming unfashionable too,
    like hip hop was changing and denouncing its roots, or thats what it seemed like at the time.

  • All thru the 80's,tho obviously as Hip Hop & the PE/JB(crap dancing era!) was gaining popularity,my liking 4 hearing new tunes in Electro was declining & I got in2 House/Rave(especially Warp label)!

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