House/Club help?

  • Hello Electro Empire 8)
    I have now used "Fl Studio Producer Edition 9 and 10" for a while now and kinda know most features and plugins like EQ's, reverbs and so on.
    So now, when i run most of effects, plugins and what else comes i decided, that i would like to create stuff like house, remixes and club tracks.

    I just got some major problem. No matter what i do create, i can't make it sound like something that im satisfied with. Few times i got some succes with chords but thats it. I made some simple beats but would like to go the step further. Besides that, i got some hard times getting the right pads and sync when i apply vocals.
    Besides all the time i have spend on learning the stuff in FL studio i have seen a bunch of tutorials on how to create house, remixes and club tracks, but i didn't find them usefull.

    So if anyone can help me with some great tutorials or advices and tips it would be great, because i know im able to evolve as an producer i just need a kick and something to recharge my motivation. :D

    By the way im not sure this is posted right, but i sure hope so :).

    Bring everything on that can help! And thank you ;D

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