Which are your 10 best oldschool electro songs?

  • MC Fritz & The P-Rockers - Moonrock
    Peter Rock - Never gonna stop that Rock
    The Empyre - Raiders of the lost groove
    Rich Cason & The Galactic Orchestra - Space Connection 2012
    The Egyptian Lover - Computer Love
    The Egyptian Lover - The Dark side of Egypt
    Impakt - Defcon
    Cosmic Jam - We`re Jammin
    Uncle Jamms Army - Whats your Sign
    Kraftwerk - Tour de France

  • Like thedoctor said, my faves are always shifting at any givin time. So all #1 IMO:
    every song by the knights :)
    every cut up record on vintertainment (herbie, wax's, break's. To be clear I consider the microphone king songs to be "rap music" even though they are technically electro also)
    soul makossa
    perfect beat
    numbers/the song after it (also available as a whole on the 12)
    the egypt EP
    dial a freak/yes
    communication (will join the nation)
    we're rocking the planet
    rock the planet (the sunnyview version, not the maggotron version)
    push the button
    Pack jam/we are/space is the place
    and of course PR, but thats a given...

    Edit: almost forgot 808 beats and lets jam!
    Also +1 for we come to rock.

  • Why noone say Boogie Down Bronx with Man Parrish? Don't you like it? I think that B-side is better then Hiphop Be Bop. Not because its the B-side. I liked Boogie Down Bronx Immediately better when i heard it,and i still think its better. What do u think?

  • I think if you were giving a top 10 of the most influential records Boogie down Bronx would have to be in my top 5 it was an instant classic and blew my mind when I heard it,it was so fresh sounding and stood out from the rest. when I bought it I must have played that tune around 200 times over,again and again but I would say that HipHop be bop has probably aged better and is probably why no-one has listed Boogie Down Bronx in there top 10

  • yea i think you right yoda,maybe guys liked Boogie down bronx better back then,and like hiphop be-bop better today. Cause like u say,i also listening on it evryday ,but im still not tired of it=)

  • 1. BUFFALO GIRLS - Malcolm Maclaren
    2. 1 for the Treble - Davey DMX
    3. The Party Scene - The Russel Bro's
    4. Fast Life - Doctor Jeckyll and Mr Hyde
    5. Cosmic Blast - Captain Rock
    6. King Kut - WOM featuring DJ Cheese
    7. The Motorcade Sped On - DDS
    8. Sucker MC's - Run DMC
    9. Here Comes That Beat - Profile Allstars
    10. Dollar Bill Y'all - Jimmy Spicer

    ELECTROFUNK is a subsidiary of HIP HOP MUSIC AND CULTURE, don't you forget it suckaz...

  • Very difficult..but here goes.

    1. Fresh Mess (dub)- the knights
    2.Beatronic- unknown dj
    3. Tibetan Jam- the glove
    4. Terminator- kid frost
    5.Boogie Down Bronx- man parrish
    6.Surgery- wreckin cru
    7. hip hop phenomenal- jaybok the city ace
    8.manipulator- mixmaster gee
    9. project 5- synergy
    10 to be no 1. tha swami

    there are countless but these are some that stand out.

  • 1. Malcolm X - No Sell Out
    2. Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force - Renegades Of Funk
    3. G.L.O.B.E & Whiz Kid - Play That Beat Mr. D.J.
    4. Fats Comet - Eat The Beat
    5. 400 Blows - Groove Jumping
    6. Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop)
    7. Hashim - Al Naafiysh (The Soul)
    8. The World Class Wrecking Crew - The Juice
    9. Whodini - Magic's Wand
    10. Mantronix - Who Is It

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