Stetsasonic Remix

  • I have done a remix of the Stetsasonic track 'On Fire', all I have done really is put the music from Doug E Fresh's 'Play this only at night' under it but I think it gives the track a cool dark twist.

    If you have heard my NY v LA Beats mix then you will recognise the mix, but this is the whole Stet track remixed as an individual track and the ending is different this time.

    I made a video to go with it and uploaded to youtube...


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  • I thought that was excellent it gives On Fire a real different vibe , I managed to track down your Chief Rockers and Monster Beats mix which must now be my favourite mix ever ... now to find the NY vs LA Beats mix .

  • Hey Stacey,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Glad you also enjoyed 'Chief Rockers' and thanks for the kind words, I still like listening to that one it had a lot of my favourite tracks in it.

    If you go to the NY v LA Beats thread I have put up new links to the mixes.

  • Kaos,

    I suppose you are still getting over the result at Stamford Bridge? lol

    After the awful season we have had it was a sweet victory Tuesday night, I was at the game, great atmosphere and a great game to watch, about time a dodgy ref decision went against your lot!!

    I am under no illusion that we can win the league though, top 4 will do me this season.

    Luiz is class...

  • Ha ha, yeah I like it too. Unusual, but good. As far as Luis goes, I've been thinking about him for the fantasy team, but he's surely a red card waiting to happen.

    My rhymes are so potent that in this small segment I made all of the ladies in the area pregnant.

  • Yeah I think most Chels I have spoke to love him but most have also recognised that the risks he takes that make him so exciting to watch are also what will cost him and us in a game sooner or later. Still a great prospect though.

  • Game of 2 halves, 3 seasons on the trot we`ve been the better team and come away with nothing but hey that`s how it goes sometimes.

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