Is it wrong to want to make money from deejaying and producing music? ...

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    Damn right, once again my friend 8) But you and the majority of the european citizens should be grateful, considering just that down here, apart from... 100-200 (max.) people, electro means... Tiesto (!!!) :uglylol:

    Yes that's right, we have to work very hard if we want to see changes here :)

  • Try organize a gigs and parties and show your music and music of your friends (people on this site for example) 30 or 60 min of new tracks or mixing with existent and know tracks for people.

    Now electro like people on this site like and love is aways underground a select group of people like intusiasts and dj´s purchace, listen and get it.

    I sugest a parallel work with mainstream sonds like electro house, trance, pop and "hip-pop" and floor oriented to make a money. if you want make money with produtions in my opinion electro house tracks it´s more simple to produce and results is more faster. Make mokey and produce things like you love like electro funk, create a pseudo name for it i create one for electro house tracks and anyone know who I am =P

    Electro like you and me love it´s like a rare wine bottle not all of people will be apreciate. And not all of dj´s is capable of produce and show it for people. Electro is verry, verry, verry experimental.

  • Thanks for the advice mate,but i've gone back to just enjoying it and doing it for the love
    and i'm a lot happier now. ;D

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