Twisted Electro Synths & Basses Teaser

  • i never thought that no one will use this loop as original (as i created) in fact it's just when i "stuck" as a starting point to cut & mangle , but i speak alot with owner of a zenhiser and lot of suprise stories he tells me for electro-house for example that 98% of that kind of production use vengace drum kits and loops and vanguard/nexus vstI ... i created this series in hope that no one make a attention for this kind of samples & loops except sony electro set cd ... after releasing twisted electro loops 1-4 lot of people asking me is it avalible as rex or akai format , with synths and bass i dare to create lines and patches for everybody who like techno , electro , break,experimental and newish "trends" with hard flavour like new rave and stuff ... and i was expect lot of comments about this why isn't pure electro sounds , it's very simple you have enough material to make that kind of sound ... and i personaly think that electro must move foward than classic moog/roland sounds from da 70's and 80's or will lose the battle ... my point that i would like to say is that electro must go into fusion with other styles more then ever , i very like 80's , born at the beggining of the 80's but we live in 2010 now ;D ...

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