The BIG Electro Soul / RnB thread

  • Oh God, where do i start from?!






    and, of course, the one that fits perfectly to this perfect thread:


    I'll get back very soon!

  • I promised i'd be back!



    Nobody ever played the keys like Hubert Eaves III!


    ...and here's the GREAT Paul Hardcastle version of this timeless classic, again performed "live"!


    Here it is one of my favs, Jerry Knight, of Ray Parker Junior's Raydio and later of Ollie & Jerry's fame. Jerry had so many great soul/funk tracks, but this, although not electro-funk oriented is my favourite!


    And what about this? For me it's THE ULTIMATE 80s GROOVE!!! One of the "holy grails" of 80s funk!


    Concluding this post with another Aleem fav: "Confusion"


    Have fun and... of course i'll be back! Now that's what i call a thread lj! You're the man m8!

  • You keep me coming back again and again to post some of my favourite tracks of all time! Not that i don't like this game; i luv it!
    This post contains only 2 videos, because these 2 songs are sooo special. In fact we're talking 'bout the 2 finest mid-tempo soul/funk trax of the 80s!

    Cameo - Attack Me With Your Love : Larry Blackmon's finest moment, a unique electro-funk smoothie from 1985 (great video too)...


    ... and the mega-rare gem "Are You Lonely" by Hipnotic, back from 1983. I love this sooo much!


    Damn right i'll be back!

  • @darrell, that one way track is FYAH!!

    it seems we're also venturing into funk territory, but it's all good.

    binalog: "attack me with your love, bushwack me with your love" loooool. i gotta start listening to more cameo. and cash - hot thang ... damn!!

    p.s. this has always been my favorite cameo song ... that groove is MASSIVE:


  • hahaha!!! the verb "venture" brought to my mind a great funk tune from 1987, Charlie Singleton's "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained". Btw Charlie was a former member of Cameo...


  • I wonder why my didn't work ? BTW, James D train Williams is thee best to vocalist ever, with Howard Hewitt joint first. Still makes the hairs on my neck stand up.Your the one for me stand up in Funk History forever.

    Anyway im stepping up the heat ;D


    Tell me these vocals are just amazing.



    Mic Murphy & Dave Frank doing their stuff...


  • I'm a dedicated D Train fan since i first heard "You're the one for me", back in 1982. But James Williams (one of the greatest soul vocalists ever!) and Hubert Eaves III (experts still wondering how did he play the bass keys, try to exactly reproduce'em but they can't-so talented musician he was, the responsible for the trademark "D Train sound". His 1979 "Esoteric Funk" album is simply an ahead of its time mutant jazz-funk masterpiece) did not "sat" to the success of this huuuge electro-funk record (Hardcastle's awesome 1985 remix boosted its fame even further); they released 2 great albums and a bunch of awesome 12inches like "Keep On" (by far my favourite D Train track), a brilliant cover of the classic "Walk On By", "Music" and "The Shadow Of Your Smile", all attached below, plus James' incredible 2001 collaboration with Bob Sinclar, "Darlin'". Enjoy!






    More info about this unique 80s duo, one of Larry Levan's favourites, at

  • @lloyd, you gotta practice your video posting skills. :ugly:
    could only see the first one, but that was extremely dope!

    this one's a bit more pop than the rest. i remember it being played on the radio when i was young. didn't really understand it but it was clearly something else. great tune!


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