new dutch electro

  • not claiming to be an expert, so feel free to add.
    here's some dope stuff i recently discovered:

    Le Le
    electro POP is their main thing, but they're pretty diverse with songs branching out to electro funk, italo disco and the modern french sound (without being house). i'm a big fan.



    i could go on & on, each of their songs is just incredibly catchy!

    Seymour Bits
    this guy has more aliases than dxj ... seymour bits is his electro FUNK moniker. i'm hearing a lot of old school synth funk influence.


    same guy, a bit more into the new school electro direction, but not really that different.


    De Jeugd van Tegenvoordig
    weird but FUNKY hip hop, also produced by bas bron (seymour bits).



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