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  • out now and SOLD OUT already...

    the second (and last) collection of sounds from the legendary Dutch 80's tape label Trumpett.

    After the highly acclaimed and already long time sold out ‘Trumpett Sounds’ (Enfant02) compilation Enfant Terrible presents ‘Trumpett Days’. We went back, and deeper, into the Trumpett archive and came out with some material even the Trumpett gatekeeper forgot about.

    ‘Trumpett Days’ features next to some real dance tunes also the bit weirder side of theTrumpett sound. This collection will make the hearts of the true minimal electronics fans and lovers of 80’s experimental electronic pop music beat faster for sure.

    The record comes in the style of ‘Trumpett Sounds’ to make the two records real collector pieces. This time the sleeve comes with silver and gold imprint. Of course this design is done again by Zivago, the long time associated designer of Trumpett.

    Info and sound: http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/enfant09.htm

    you can still get copies from your favorite shop/mailorder:

    They will have the records from early next week onwards...

  • Agent Side Grinder – debut LP (Enfant10) and music video

    We do not exagerate when we say that this record by Swedish band Agent Side Grinder has been awaited for. The response to their debut single, and their contribution to the “Hoera! Een Hex voor thuis!” compilation LP (both on Enfant Terrible imprints), has been overwhelmingly positive. There has been written and said that a full lenght album is eagerly awaited. Enfant Terrible is very happy to pressent this debut album.

    The band plays real industrial music in the style of Cabaret Voltaire, mix it with some proto-punk in the Suicide way, fuse this with the energy of early EBM reminiscent of The Klinik and top this with psychedelic touches that can be traced back to The Doors. The result is an unique, contemporary and fresh sound that will appeal to fans of industrial, elektro, old style EBM and krautrock alike. Also Agent Side Grinder has already proven to be a great live band, with only analogue equipement on stage.

    For soundclips go here: http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/enfant10

    Enfant Terrible also produced a music video for Agent Side Grinder. This is the first video produced by Enfant Terrible. For this we have invited Dutch artist Edwin Stoutjesdijk to realize this short film. Here you can watch the video:

    Please rate this video and place your comments.

    Release date: early February 2008
    Cat. Nr: Enfant10
    Format: 12” LP, fold out insert, limited to approximate 500 copies
    File under: industrial / EBM / minimal electronics / elektro / krautrock

  • OUT NOW is the Agent Side Grinder lp (on the Enfant Terrible label). For sure this one of the most promising contemporary bands in the field of minimal electronics / tape industrial music / post-punk. For previews see here: http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/enfant10.htm

    Their debut 7" on Enfant Terrible is almost sold out (there is only 1 copy left at the label) and the first reactions to this LP are more then positive.

    German webzine Terrorverlag did an interiew with the band. You can read it here: http://www.musik.terrorverlag.de/interviews.php?id=555

    And.. you can see the band peforming live at the first Enfant Terrible label night on saturday 12 april in Bruxelles, Belgium. Also performing live will be Wermut, Nosztalgia Direktiva and :Codes. The afterparty will be done by M. (Enfant Terrible) and Sofia E.R. and Laszlo P.S. from Wermut. See also here:


    12-inch PICTURE LP, limited edition of +/- 320 copies

    The time is 1986. The place, the ³Prestige² club in Antwerp, Belgium. One
    evening, DJ Marc Grouls makes one of those small mistakes that write musical history: playing an EBM maxi single at 33 instead of 45 rpm, he accidentally gives birth to one of the most blatantly successful, short-lived and contentious dance genre ever: NEW BEAT. In the two years that follow, New Beat and its American pendant, ACID HOUSE, take Europe by storm, culminating in the brief but memorable apogee of 1988.

    We now write 2008. Twenty years have elapsed, and as the world seems
    plunged in a new kind of Cold War, time has come to pay tribute to the sound of an era. For the second volume in the tribute-sampler series, TREUE UM TREUE invited eight artists from the European minimal-electro,
    post-industrial and techno scene to shamelessly leap back in time and create their own New Beat / Acid House tracks. The result is a versatile album featuring EBM-influenced tracks in early New Beat fashion, classical New Beat anthems, hypnotic Acid House loops as well as more pop-influenced, Neo-New Beat performances. Def Con 5, 4, 3, 2, 1Š Impact!


    infos on artists and sounds:

  • Out soon on Enfant Terrible will be a new record:
    -Doxa Sinistra – Conveyer Belt (Enfant12)

    Doxa Sinistra was besides The Actor and Ende Shneafliet one of the more prominent acts on the Trumpett label in the 80's. ‘Conveyer Belt’ is simply one of the best pieces of experimental and industrial music released in that era. Even today this music stands on its own and has lost nothing of it genius, originality and impact.

    ‘Conveyer Belt’ is a haunting and crazy listening experience and a mind blowing sound trip. The music is beyond any rigid genre defintion: you may call it industrial free jazz, or wild electronics, or psychedelic angst pop, or noise paintings. After almost 25 years these tracks are still some of the most adventerous electronic sounds produced to date.

    This said it is no suprise Enfant Terrible had to put this music to vinyl for the first time, as the original release dating from 1985 was on cassette. Only minor changes were made in the tracklisting to make it fit on vinyl and to fulfil the demands of the musicians. The album was remastered from the original source tapes, providing a sound quality as originally intended, but too elaborate to do justice on cassette.

    The last record we put out with Trumpett archive material was sold out in 5 days after arrival at Enfant Terrible Headquarters, so be fast or be sorry...

    For soundclips go here: http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/enfant12.htm

  • Nosztalgia Direktiva – untitled 7” EP (petit enfant 003)
    Adolf Filter – The Other Hand On The Knob 7” EP (petit enfant 004)

    Out soon on Enfant Terrible will be two new records. Both bands, Nosztalgia Direktiva and Adolf Filter, were already present on the acclaimed compilation ‘Festival der Genialen Dissidenten’ (Enfant11) released earlier this year on Enfant Terrible.

    Nosztalgia Direktiva from Hungary released under a different alias on the now defunct but still legendary Invasion Planete Records label from France. His style of electronic music is raw and unpolished. The metalic sounds are reminiscent of old industrial music, but the songs always stay close to the elektro side of things. Authenthic contemporary elektro as it was meant to sound.

    Release date: October 2008
    Cat. nr: petit enfant 003
    Format: 7” EP (4 tracks), limited to 300 copies
    File under: elektro / new wave / industrial

    For sounds see here: http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/pe003.htm

    Adolf Filter is a synthesizer duo from Sweden who are addicted to nice moody melodies and steady beats. Their synth pop is influenced by cold wave sounds from the early 80’s and old style EBM rhythms. A combination which can only result in great electronic tracks for both the dancefloor as well as for home entertainment. Is this the next big thing from Sweden (next to Agent Side Grinder) when it comes to dissident electronic music? Only time will tell…

    Release date: October 2008
    Cat. nr: petit enfant 004
    Format: 7” EP (4 tracks), limited to 300 copies
    File under: synth pop / elektro

    For sounds see here: http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/pe004.htm

  • they are out now and I will ship all pre-orders as soon as possible... for both releases: only 70 copies left...

    sorry for the delay and thanks for the patience!

  • Enfant Terrible news: Radio Resistencia compilation, Radionome and Spleen sessions and label night at STRP Festival

    Enfant Terrible celebrates its five year anniversary during 2009. This year will bring some interesting releases and to start with there is a new compilation with 18 bands from around the world.

    For those familiar with Enfant Terrible there will be some bands you have heard before, but there are also many new bands and sounds to be found on this disc. Bands and sounds we will release in the near future. With Radio Resistencia we give an overview of independent music as we see it.. and this time not strictly limited to electronic music.

    Featuring: Swann Danger (USA), Black Ice (USA), Headcollision (NL/AU), Saralunden (SE), Luisa LaChouf (AU), Popsimonova (HR), Flying Bodies (DE), Florence Foster Fan Club (HR), :Codes (BE), Agent Side Grinder (SE), Dolina (FR/B), Kim Ki O (TR), Model Z (FR), Le Moine (FR), Antlers Mulm (DE), Distel (NL), Wermut (DE) and Oplen (SE).

    For soundclips go here: http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/ET001.htm

    Release date: February 2009
    Cat. nr: ET001
    Format: CD
    File under: indie-tronics / indie rock / elektro / lo-fi pop


    In spring 2009 we will release the first two records in a series with Dutch broadcaster VPRO. In the eighties the VPRO broadcasted the legendary radio shows Radionome and Spleen with daring and experimental pop music. A live session by Dutch and international acts was part of these shows. Not al sessions have survived but what has will be released in time by Enfant Terrible. The first two vinyl releases are by Belgian acts Luc van Acker (Radionome 1981) and Kaa Antilope (Radionome 1982).


    Enfant Terrible will be present with a label night at the STRP international festival for art, music and technology on Saturday 11 April 2009. See http://www.enfant-terrible.nl and http://www.strp.nl soon…

  • The Radio Resistencia compilation is out now.

    All pre-orders will be shipped shortly and the record will be in shops soon... as we are moving to a new place it might take a few days more as normally... but we do it as soon as possible...

  • half of the edition is already gone... available around the world... check the label homepage (shops under links) where to get it... new shop items are in and more this week...

    the Kaa Antilope and Luc Van Acker will go into pressing in about two weeks from now... more news on this soon...

  • Radionome and Spleen sessions on Enfant Terrible

    Dutch record label Enfant Terrible will be releasing a series of records in collaboration with the Dutch radio and television broadcaster VPRO. This series of records will feature live sessions that were part of the eighties VPRO radioshows RadioNome and Spleen.

    RadioNome and Spleen paid attention to (experimental) popmusic not heard elsewhere on radio and mostly neglected in other media. An important part of these shows were live sessiona by Dutch and international acts. Sometimes the bands were rather obscure, but also some more known bands (mostly in their early stages) played live in the studio.

    Upcoming in may are the first two releases. These will be the sessions by Luc Van Acker (1981 RadioNome) and by Kaa Antilope (1982 RadioNome). Both were Belgian acts of which the musicians later gained an international status. Luc Van Acker with the band Revolting Cocks (together with Front 242 and Ministry members) and Kaa Antilope with their independent label Sub Rosa.

    For soundclips go here: http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/enfant13.html
    and here: http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/enfant14.html

  • Enfant Terrible presents: Hex Summer Hits!

    Bronze 7” (Hex#2)
    Scorpion violente / The Dreams split 7”(Hex#3)

    Out in july will be two new 7”s on the Enfant Terrible sublabel Hex Grammofoonplaten.

    Remember the Hex nights we did in Amsterdam? We had something bubbling there, something wild going on… for the happy few. New music was introduced, genres and styles explored from the past to the present… bands performing live on stage mixed with tunes dj’ed.

    The night is over… but a new tomorrow is here… we continue the fantasy as a record label (a sublabel of Enfant Terrible) for fresh / new / urban / trash / art music… in the tradition of the Hex night program.

    Here are the first two wild 7”s (after the almost sold out and widely acclaimed compilation LP released two years ago)… one by neo psychedelic band Bronze (featuring the drummer from Vanishing) and a split record by synth punk / art punk bands The Dreams and Scorpion Violente.

    Listen to and read about Bronze: http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/Hex_2.html

    Listen and read about Scorpion Violente / The Dreams:

    Tune in and scream out… more to come…

  • Video teasers for upcoming new Agent Side Grinder album on Enfant Terrible

    Out now on Youtube are two complete tracks as video teasers for the upcoming new album by Swedish electronic outfit Agent Side Grinder.

    The tracks ‘Life In Advance’ and ‘Die To Live’ can be heard in their final version as they will appear on the album that will be released in November 2009 by Dutch independent label Enfant Terrible. ‘Life In Advance’ shows the band at work in their studio and ‘Die To Live’ is a homemade video clip. Both video are made by the band’s bass player Alexander Blomqvist.

    See here for ‘Life In Advance’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maNKSLQtlho
    See here for ‘Die To Live’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59nrIk2s_Xk

    Next to those video teaser there is also an new official video for the song ‘The Screams’ featured on the Radio Resistencia compilation. This video was done by Dutch visual artist Floortje Zonneveld. See here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9XAlDLPegQ

    An USA based radio station did a very fitting description of Agent Side Grinder which is a great introduction to the band for those who did not hear about them before. Here it is: “Synths, pedals, drum machines, tape loops and weird effects help shape the overall electronic sound but Agent Side Grinder also seems to tap into a throbbing energy too. Their influence stems out of early industrial, no wave and post punk scenes. Joy Division, Alu, Throbbing Gristle, Primitive Calculators, Suicide, Alexander Hacke, Front 242, Tass 2 all plays their part but Stockholm, Sweden’s electronic band does flaunt their own style. It’s relentless but never overly aggressive. Still it has some bite as well as infectious groove appeal. The vocals can be almost deadpan but also sound periodically incensed and desperate. It sounds fairly simple and repetitive yet doesn’t grow redundant. Its spooky malevolence is compelling and vibrant, growing in intensity and tempered volatility. Killer presence without going overkill.”

    More information on the new album will follow shortly.

  • Two new Agent Side Grinder albums on Enfant Terrible

    After the highly acclaimed debut album by Swedish electronic outfit Agent Side Grinder Dutch record label Enfant Terrible is presenting not one but two new albums by this band.

    The band is now a five piece outfit (they started with three musicians). With this new line up they worked on a new album. This record is ‘Irish Recording Tape’. On this record the band has been perfecting their sound and song writing skills. Maybe the songs have been become more accessible in a way but they still show the typical style of Agent Side Grinder: drilling industrial sounds which may remind sometimes of Swans, hypnotic synth sequences that refer to krautrock and psychedelic music and post-punk influenced bass lines which will give you flashbacks to Joy Division.

    Information and soundclips for Irish Recording Tape are here:

    The true experimental side of Agent Side Grinder is shown in ‘The Transatlantic Tape Project’. This started as a way to keep working together while one of the members was in the USA. Sounds and music where put to tape and send over the Atlantic Ocean and re-worked their and sent back again to Sweden.

    In the end this resolved into an unique album with amazing music. ‘The Transatlantic Tape Project’ is a blending of 60’s psychedelic music and 80’s experimental industrial muzak which is molded into original contemporary ambient music. Maybe it is better to call this electronic Chamber Music as it is much richer in texture then ambient music. Think about a soundtrack for a David Lynch film, think early Cabaret Voltaire and think elements of Velvet Underground and you can maybe get an idea of the actual sound of this record.

    Information and soundclips for The Transatlantic Tape Project are here:

  • As a big fan of Cold Cave I was surprised and pleased to see what webzine It’s A Trap had to say after hearing the promo versions of the new Agent Side Grinder albums. The official Cold Cave debut was sold out very fast but a re-issue is planned for next month. I was happy to find a still sealed copy. Also check out the ‘Cremations’ compilation cd. Anyway, here is what It’s A Trap wrote:

    “To borrow the lexicon of the financial pages: I am downgrading Cold Cave
    to a Sell while upgrading my rating on Agent Side Grinder to Strong Buy. I believe that Cold Cave's market has reached saturation and become overvalued while Agent Side Grinder has nowhere to go but up, especially considering the upcoming Q4 release of both "Irish recording tape" and "The transatlantic tape project" (via Enfant Terrible, vinyl-only). The former is of primarily interest to me, as it shows tremendous growth over last year's self-titled release and I must also commend them for the recruitment Alexander Blomqvist (on live bass) as he appears to have brought many new strengths with him to the executive team. The fine qualities that first caught my attention when I rated them a Buy (ie, the driving, dirty industrial beats) are still very much in place, only now far more refined and developed. I expect 2010 to be a very good year for Agent Side Grinder and don't expect them to face much serious competition for market share.”

    Source: http://www.itsatrap.com/

    Cold Cave: http://www.myspace.com/coldcave
    Agent Side Grinder: http://www.myspace.com/agentsidegrinder

  • Tobias Bernstrup – 1984 EP on Enfant Terrible

    Around Christmas there will be first appearance of Swedish visual and performance artist Tobias Bernstrup on Enfant Terrible. His visual work is present at exhibitions world wide. Next to that he is a gifted musician. He is able to create extremely catchy elektro / synth pop tunes while never crossing the line of delivering overproduced tracks. The sound of his tracks is like a hybrid of the arty side of Klaus Nomi with the pop side of Pet Shop Boys.

    This 4 track EP is built around the theme (and title track) ‘1984’. But this theme is extended and made up to date. Despite the rather serious theme of the record this EP features simply excellent decadent music for the dancefloor. It combines elements of classic elektro, synth pop and italo disco.

    See here for soundclips: http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/ET002.html

    Release date: December 2009
    Cat. nr: ET002
    Format: 12” EP
    File under: elektro / synth pop / italo disco

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