Jackal & Hyde LIVE @ Floridance 2009 11-07-09 (Casiz, SPAIN)

  • Thankyou guys....I've been waiting on a new mix from you guys.. 8) .Ready to Boom and Ride... :cylon:

    Focus on Today.Tomorrow is but a fantasy .Yesterday is but a memory.Today is the only reality.

  • YES, The organization dont let they finish the show. JUST 40 minuts. THe reason why was cause the party have a great delay and organization prefeer rest minuts from J&H and give it to STANTON WARRIOS (break beat from uk) I can say than not more 100 persons know J&H there, and this is really sad, cause THEY MAKED A AWESOME LIVE ACT! But here in the dammed south of spain there is not more than 2 neuron per brain.

    The party was breakbeat, but here the people thinks than J & H are breakbeat. Cause a "famous" dj from here, played a lot of times their track "beyond" and this was a lot of time ago.

    SAD? This is the reality here.

    Ya ves!! Electroheads :) Allí no habia mas de 5 ke eramos nosotros asi ke imaginate. Ke pena tio, nos fuimos frustrados de alli. La situación es tristisima.


  • Nice set prolly rocked harder than some Stanton Warriors..
    Yea sdf imagine how annoying the "stupid people on the radio" are if you don't speak the language..LOL.
    Thanks 4 sharing.

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