new Egyptian Lover interview (german Juice mag)

  • nice


  • Egyptian Lover has been dining out big style on the success of one or two
    krafwerk style tunes for the last 25 years or so, or is it just me ??
    that thinks the player is well past his sell by date... the pyramids on my dollar
    bills are so shinny.. ooooo sexy count them

    Apart from the earwek and the james track with i thought were good.

    Sorry folks if the “if the Emperor Has No Clothes on then Emperor Has No Clothes”

  • While you are entitled to your opinion, why are you on a forum that is dedicated (mostly) to electro music if you are going to trash Egyptian Lover? Who is undoubtedly a huge pioneer of the style and brought a unique sound to hip-hop. My spidey sense is tingling. I sense a troll lurking in this thread...

  • Quote from slurpeejunkiecraig;22917

    While you are entitled to your opinion,

    Thank you very much for letting me be here "O" dear ruler.

    Quote from slurpeejunkiecraig;22917

    why are you on a forum that is dedicated (mostly) to electro music if you are going to trash Egyptian Lover?

    As i am down with electro as the forum says "O" dear ruler and keeper of the funk, dont mean i have to be down with the player the one you call the lover :o its a electro forum not i love the lover forum

    Quote from slurpeejunkiecraig;22917

    brought a unique sound to hip-hop. .

    Not relay was it ? milking a few kraftwerk driven tracks was not a unique sound to hip-hop electro at the time was it ? they where lots of people milking the kraftwerk sound, "they have never been so few who milked so much for so long " in a church hill type of vocal

  • All music can be traced to roots previous to it's popularity. No one is denying the influence of Kraftwerk on Egyptian Lover. i just do not understand your lack of respect towards a pioneer in the electro/rap genre.

  • haha, yeah ma man, totally right, you`re not the only troll up in here... :D Egypt Egypt and Girls are both crazy hot but thats about it... :ugly:

    ELECTROFUNK is a subsidiary of HIP HOP MUSIC AND CULTURE, don't you forget it suckaz...

  • I`m with Darrell on this one.

    3 great songs - Egypt Egypt,Girls and My House On The Nile.

    The rest i can live without.

    As i said in a recent thread Arabian Prince is the KING of the West Coast sound.

  • What about you're so fine, The Lover.......or........I want cha or Planet E.........Egyptian lover created the west coast sound without question...he took a sound and made it his own......when people think of west coast electro it's EL not AP..........By the way everyone copies from everyone in a way.....there hardly any orignality anymore.......IMO

  • Thx..nice read.

    Finding really funny that he talks about modern djs not doing their homework as not digging deep enough for records.
    But then mentioning that he plays exactly the same hundred records since 1982.

    Liking the old hits, but honestly cant hear em anymore. Further people hear him on "electro" parties nowadays an get the impression that nothing has changed in almost 30 years, though just he hasnt.

  • You are all gonna love his new album when it drops this year then lol
    Called "1984"..apparently old school type tracks.

    As much as i appreciate the old school sound, surely some progression is in order?
    The classics are just that, why keep re-visiting them?
    I got no problem with people being influenced by the past, but if we all kept making those kinda tracks then the electro scene wouldnt move on at all.
    E.Lover is a great producer, i just wish he would move out of his comfort zone and try something new and fresh.
    After all, it is 2010...not 1984.


  • Egypt has tons of dope tracks, without even going into album tracks, here are some of his best singles:

    Egypt, Egypt b/w My Beat Goes Boom (original) & What is A D if he can't Scratch
    Girls (and subseqnet remix releases)
    The Lover
    Computer Power (as Jaime Jupiter)
    These are My Beats

    all great records, just off the top...

    compare his drums to Kraftwerk drums and you'll see that he wasn't just some Kraftwerk knockoff

    He influenced a lot of Wreckin' Cru, Unknown DJ & Rodney O & Joe Cooley, Arabian Prince as well


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