soft synths

  • ok, let's discuss.

    which ones are you using, which ones are you really USING and can you recommend?

    my experience: you can get some nice pad & lead sounds out of them, but they tend to fail in the bass category. i have yet so see some good bass sounds on a soft synth.
    what is your experience, what are you using for bass?

  • i recomend you this:
    VANGUARD----great sounds if you disconect the reverb and delay fx if not looks like a trance synth!
    POLY ANNA---really very good and PHAT
    NEPHETON --a good 808 emulator, i love the KIK sound but i dont like the snare sound!!
    MICROTONIC---fantastic plug in as a emulator of analog drums very good for RARE SOUNDS , BLEEPS and ZIPS
    BROOMBASTICK--fuking good for real bass sounds
    MINIMOSTA--my favorite emulation of MOOG
    ARTURIA ARP2600--you can get really good sounds from it!!
    BATTERY--good drum machine(if you have good samplers)

  • I once thought i would never get to thinking like this, but from my experience its best to combine hard synths with soft synths. Its not that soft synths sound bad, its that having to program everything is a pain, plus mousing the screen or playing a midi controller isnt always the most inspiring.

    I personally love the FM7/8, Pro 52/3 and the Bass Station...the Basslines you can make with this thing and a nice step sequencer are amazing!

    Analog synths these days are waayyy too expensive, and others are emulating analog sound which many soft synths do as well, so the gap in comparison between hard and soft is closing by the day. To me its just a hands on thing, and as far as really digging into synthesis, there is nothing like playing with a hard synth...knob fiddling is something that cant be explained, only experienced! ;D

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