Kraftwerk copyright case

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    P.S. Peace to Cosmo. That was a pretty creative use of your master on that Game song. My favorite on his CD. That good music of yours is still inspiring musicians to this day. Much respect Cosmo.

    i agree! been listening to that song a lot lately ... i like how it is playing with your expectations. you hear that bassline and expect the slow bassline and the fast beat; instead you get a sped up, chopped bassline over a sluggish beat.

  • btw, that initial "metall auf metall" verdict has just been confirmed by one of Germany's highest courts. Some comments even talk about the verdict being even tightened. It begs the question why, in a time where remixing and sampling have almost become widespread "folk" techniques (youtube, internet, the possibility of music production on a computer basically with freeware programs alone), that the copyright laws are being more and more tightened, and totally disconnected from modern day reality.

    just the other day I read about the lawsuit that Kraftwerk started against Planet Rock and how Tom Silverman ended up having to pay extraordinary amounts of settlement. I asked myself what exactly could have been the base of Kraftwerk's claim? There was nothing sampled, and Planet Rock didn't even use the exact melody. Any ideas?

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    What do you mean? "Trans Europa Express" and "Planet Rock" have the same melody. Even if the melody was played and recorded new it still sounds the same way IMO.

    you are right of course, my bad!

    if I remember correctly there are 3 Kraftwerk influenced elements in Planet Rock:
    1. beat from numbers
    2. main melody from trans europe express
    3. interlude part, more or less an interpolation of trans europe express.

    so i guess the lawsuit must have been only about no. 2, right?

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