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  • Here's an interview we did a while back with Hyboid of Astro Chicken Records. Hope ya like it.

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    Intro :: From the laps (Bitmapped)

    Starlight Hammer Sounds :: Turrican 2 (Astro Chicken)

    Hyboid :: Telepath Or Psychopath (Aspecto Humano)

    Hyboid :: Trip To NGC891 2 (Astro Chicken)

    Anbau :: Disco Z (Aspecto Humano)

    Q 1 : For our listeners who might not know, how is Hyboid and what is Astro Chicken Records?

    Q 2 : So when did you set up the label?

    Hyboid :: Dr. Dabic's Pain Amplifier

    Risk Risk :: Digital Love

    Sternrekorder :: Sugarshaker

    Q 3 : And how long have you been producing music?

    Hyboid :: Space Haze

    Hyboid as Erwin Eiswürfel :: Roboterbrösel (Störgeräusche aus dem Evangelium)

    Q 4 : So what are your early influences? What three records really stand out from these influences?

    Klaus Doldinger :: Das Boot

    Paso Doble :: Computerliebe

    Caustic Window :: Italic Eyeball

    Q 5 : And who is influencing you nowadays?

    Jan Hammer Group :: Don't You Know

    Bernard Fevre :: Max Stroke

    Telex :: En Route Vers De Nouvelles Aventures

    Q 6 : As Hyboid you have released five albums. What draws you to the LP medium instead of EP?

    Hyboid :: Terrör of the Üniverse (Intro)

    Hyboid :: Les Aventures des Synthés

    Q 7 : How are you producing your music? What machines are you using?

    Hyboid :: Crystal of the Ancients

    Q 8 : Tell us about your recently released album, Silent Signals has just hit the shops. What is this fifth album about? How is it different to your previous LPs?

    Hyboid :: Starcrush

    Hyboid :: Strange Signals

    Hyboid :: Future Fever

    Q 9 : We are here in Madrid, can you tell us about the time you played here? Will you be back soon?

    Q 10 : What does the future hold for you? The label?

    Hyboid :: Apocalypse in Neon

    Hyboid and the Astro Chicken Allstars :: Untitled

    Q 11 : What are your predictions for electronic music in the future?

    Q 12: To end, what about a guilty pleasure track?

    Jon & Vangelis: I'll find My Way Home

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