0=3 - Black Tears EP (Ukonx Recordings)


    0=3 – Black Tears EP

    Release date: April 3rd 2022


    Residing halfway between Kyoto and Osaka in western Japan since he escaped the US in 1999, 0=3 aka Scott White is an outsider in a culture and society of insiders. A self-proclaimed synth nerd, he is more at home with his machines than with his fellow humans.

    He started producing music in 1988, and he was influenced by Old school electro. For him, it sounded like the music of the future. He listened also a lot of industrial, techno & acid, new electro and synth-wave music.

    After 2 appearances on Ukonx Recordings (ElectroMagnetism Compilations) under The Outsider moniker, he is back with a new 4 tracks EP, called Black Tears.

    The EP will be available as digital format on the UKONX Bandcamp but also on the major distribution channels, such as iTunes, JunoDownload, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play.


    1 - Black Tears

    2 - A Single Grain

    3 - The Polygon

    4 - Skin Trap

    Black Tears EP, by 0=3
    4 track album

    teaser :

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