Tracklistings Mixtape #540 (2022.04.25) : Kid Ginseng - Kraftjerkz Mix (Vinyl-Only)

  • Tracklistings Mixtape #540: Kid Ginseng - Kraftjerkz Mix (Vinyl-Only)

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    Tracklist :
    01. Kraftwerk - Radioaktivitat (Kling Klang)
    02. ALONZO - Throwback (Marguerita)
    03. Kid Ginseng - Bang The Boom (KJDA)
    04. Succisa - Velamen (Kraftjerkz)
    05. DJ Technician - My Beat Is A Monster (Bunker)
    06. Kid Ginseng - Fractal Detroit 011 (Lost Soul Enterprises)
    07. DJ Maaco - I’m In My Lane (Rotterhague)
    08. Speaking Parts - JJ-180 (Kraftjerkz)
    09. Drakkar Noir - Chromies (Kraftjerkz)
    10. Plastic Ivy - Superior Corruption (Speaking Parts Remix) (Kraftjerkz)
    11. The Remora - Torpedo (Kraftjerkz)
    12. DJ Di’jital - 808 Kits (Trust)
    13. AUX88 - Time Space (Direct Beat)
    14. Kid Ginseng - Roller Rink Scratch (feat. Questosahn) (Kraftjerkz)
    15. DJ Di’jital - Electro Hop II (Trust)
    16. DJ Di’jital DJ Maaco - Aliens N Effect (Di’jital Axcess)
    17. Binary System - Voyager (Will Web Remix) (Zero One Music)
    18. Alien II - Alien II (Di’jital Axcess)
    19. DJ Flare - Butt Crack Breaks (Dirtstyle)
    20. Luke Eargoggle - Professor Laphroaigh (Brokntoys)

    Bio :
    Born in the Bahamas, 25% French American citizen has been mixing and scratching since 1997. Known for proper electro, he produces tracks, and runs the Kraftjerkz label played by DJs such as I-F, Helena Hauff, Danny Daze, Nina Kraviz, Solvent etc. He has had releases on Lost Soul Enterprises, Basement Floor, Hip Hop Slam, and La La Land. He is also touring turntablist for funk group, Tom Tom Club touring in such places as North America, Japan, UK, and Western Europe. His name has shared the credits with DJ Qbert, Shortkut, and DJ Quest on multiple compilations released by Bay Area label, Hip Hop Slam. He has also collaborated multiple times with Detroit's technobass pioneer, DJ Di'jital. In 1999 he produced an electrofunk megamix cassette distributed by Turntablelab and the famous Fat Beats NYC. More electro to come... for digital files and 12” vinyl."

    for real freaks! Hope you enjoy:) Salute!

    :)-r KG :headspin: :blaster:

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