THE HIDDEN PERSUADER - Stand Up Straight EP ( UKONX Recordings )

    THE HIDDEN PERSUADER - Stand Up Straight EP
    RELEASE DATE : January 9, 2022

    After an 8 year hiatus The Hidden Persuader (THP) has re-emerged with a new array of sonic ammunitionof dark, funk-fuelled Electro music. Currently producing sonic emissions from an underground basementdeep in Wales, UK.
    THP has had extensive radio airplay including a live set from Maida Vale on Radio 1, as well as playinglive concerts with the likes of Luke Vibert, Bass Junkie, Uprokk, Cylob, LegoWelt, DeFekT, Dexorcist, andmore.
    At present, THP is releasing music with UKONX Recordings and it set to publish more of his new soundsacross the globe in the near future.
    The EP will be available as digital format on the UKONX Bandcamp but also on the major distributionchannels, such as iTunes, JunoDownload, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play.

    1 - Trust Issues
    2 - Stand In Line
    3 - Tear It Down
    4 - There’s No Respect

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