Kid Ginseng - Twenty One // KRAFTJERKZ 056

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    New record.

    Kid Ginseng - Twenty One

    12" vinyl + files available for pre-order on kraftjerkz bandcamp:

    or Juno:…eng-twenty-one/846364-01/


    Following in the tradition of artists like Detroit in Effect and DJ Di’jital, Kid Ginseng brings us another dose of classic, analog-driven electro with his newest EP, Twenty One. The EP features two versions of three hyper-catchy cuts, and both the remixed versions and originals are capable of holding their own. Kid Ginseng’s work might be compared to early K1 and DJ Godfather, and Twenty One gives us a dose of drum sounds with character, while embracing the sound of the sampler by using diskettes à la 1980's LA electro. Detroit electro, though, continues to be a central inspiration, and the first cut, “Keep Your Distance”, is a prime example of this. The track features watery analog elements that build around a video-game inspired vocal sample, and its lo-fi percussion gives it an authentic, analog touch. The remix double of this track, “Keep Your Distance (Trashcan mix)”, has a different feeling altogether but nothing is lost. A muted electro synth melody hooks us, as does slapping, steady percussion. But “Keep Your distance” is just the first example of the infectious melody and raw character that permeates the entire EP. “Bang the Boom (Bare Bones Mix)” delivers a similar vibe, but leans darker with a deep, gritty bassline that fuels the shadowy force of the track. It’s twin remix, “Bang the Room”, maintains the same beat structure but switches it up with some added vocals that bring extra fire to the dance track. The real standout, however, is the dance floor banger “Roller Rink Scratch”, which employs classic scratch samples from DJ Quest. The samples not only energize the body and mind, but they maintain that lo-fi feel, and therefore, rather than dominating the track, keep it balanced. In fact, for such power bangers, the EP feels extremely balanced, and nothing feels out of place. All elements blend well together and deliver an incredibly rewarding listen that is pretty much guaranteed to get you out of your seat. It’s one of Kid Ginseng's best yet.
    one-sheet by Taylor Bratches

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