SNS Sensation - Mirror Radio + (MANASYt remix) + videos

  • Sebastian is half of Hartbreak (together with Ali Renault). If you haven't heard his solo project SNS Sensation, I think you should ;) I love his new song and had a lot of fun remixing it!

    Listen :…dio-manasyt-pestilent-mix
    Official video :

    Original song :…ns-sensation-mirror-radio
    Official video :

    First there was panic, then there was sadness; now there's anger. SNS
    Sensation's new single, “Mirror Radio” continues the theme of lockdown, but takes a new direction, channeling anger at the world's response to the pandemic in a surreal, stream of consciousness mode.
    “Mirror Radio” is rooted in 80's pop, but it is moving toward a more modern horror electro production, with industrial elements and an overall harder edge.
    The single comes out on the 11th February 2021 digitally on all streaming platforms and a limited cassette run; music video and promotional material will be out around the release. It includes a remix by industrial electro legend MANASYt, with its own music video.
    The music video for “Mirror Radio” shifts away from the classical narrative of the previous two singles. It is set in the world of the mind, and its reflections on the TV screen. It takes inspiration from Samuel Beckett (particularly "Not I" and "Quad"), Lucio Fulci's 'The House by the Cemetery', and Bergman's "Winter Light".

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    Instagram @sns_discopop_noir

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