(BELGIUM) workshops for djs and producers: Play & Produce

  • I know, it's in Dutch, and it's in FOOKIN Belgium

    but nevertheless: interesting programme of workshops, masterclasses etcetera:

    13u00 – 18u30 demonstrations by Bekafun, Roland, Native Instruments, Serato, Earproof, Ableton, Reason, Interface, SAE Institute, Mackie, Denon, Rodec and Korg

    13u00 – 18u30 Loop Contest: cool Roland stuff to win: SP 505, SP 404 or MC 808

    13u00 – 19u30 alternative electronics with Andreas Tilliander, Eavesdropper and Simon

    13u00 – 19u30 Kozz Vintage Expo

    13u30 – 15u30 feedback on your self-produced tracks by Fred Naessens (N.E.W.S.), D’Stephanie, Nikolaï (USA Import ), Renaat (R&S)Jerboa, David (Fuse), Nymfo (NL), Sam Hellemans (ARS), Andy Janssens (Underdog Project), Jan Vervloet (Illusion), Jeroen De Pessemier (The Subs): complete list online

    13u30 – 14u30 Improve your career as a dj (Spacid - Kozzmozz)

    13u30 – 14u00 Cut & Paste: how to remix with Apple Logic Pro

    13u30 – 15u30 feedback on hiphop tracks with Sotu The Traveller (NL), Mellow P, Krewcial en Koos Groenendijk (Appletree Records)

    14u00 – 15u00 Live Performance Set-Up with Grazzhoppa

    14u00 – 15u00 Do It Yourself: homerecording

    14u00 – 18u00 Register yourself with professional video-gear while spinning the decks: post it on your myspace or website

    14u00 – 18u00 photoshoot: professional promo pictures for your website, myspace, …

    14u00 – 15u00 masterclasses scratch for beginners with Optimus and Vindictiv

    14u00 – 15u00 masterclass beatmixing for beginners with Nadiem Shah (StuBru)

    14u00 – 15u00 masterclass with Fredo (Fredo & Thang)

    14u30 – 18u30 personal advice by t-interim

    15u00 – 16u00 workshop mastering with Pieter Dewagter from mastering firm (about everything from N.E.W.S, Tiësto, …)

    15u00 – 16u00 debate: analogue versus digital with Kozz and Andreas Tilliander (Sweden)

    15u15 – 16u15 masterclass with Trish Van Eynde

    15u15 – 16u15 masterclass with Dj Neon

    15u15 – 16u15 masterclass scratch for beginners with Optimus & Vindictiv

    15u30 – 16u30 workshop improving sounds with CJ Bolland

    16u00 – 18u00 feedback on your mixtapes by Philip De Liser (Ten Days Of), Tonic, Stefan Brack (Poplife), Dirk De Ruyck (Eskimo), DJ Prinz, Bart Roman (Culture Club), Frederic De Groote (ex-Fuse), Stijn Van Nuffelen (Nightcode), Christophe Fedele (Dj Factory) and others: check the complete list online

    16u45 – 17u45 masterclass with Murdock

    16u45 – 17u45 masterclass with Cook-E & Matik
    16u45 – 17u45 advanced masterclass scratch with Optimus & Vindictiv

    16u30 – 17u30 Secret Cinema’s Toolbox: getting started with Fruityloops

    16u30 – 17u30 Get the Party Started: how to organize your own parties (Matthias - Kozzmozz)

    16u45 – 18u15 workshop creating sounds with Brian Smith (Native Instruments) and Andreas Tilliander (Sweden)

    17u00 – 18u00 Indietronics: how to build a song with Logic, plugins, synths and analogue controllers

    18u00 – 19u00 masterclass with Red D

    18u00 – 19u00 advanced masterclass scratch with Optimus & Vindictiv

    18u00 – 19u00 masterclass Traktor Scratch with Tom Dazing

    18u00 – 19u00 producing commercial dance with Filip Vandueren (Milk Inc)

    18u00 – 19u00 Record deals and labels (Ed Korver - N.E.W.S. / Ed & Kim)

    18u30 – 19u30 Back to the Future with Ken Ishii: a history of electronic music

    18u30 – 19u30 creating beats with Sotu The Traveller (The Netherlands)

    20u00 – 21u00 final act: MC- and beatbox battle
    Timetable subject to changes – check it online: http://www.playandproduce.be

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