Kid Ginseng on Bass Agenda / Sept. 4 2020

  • Very proud to announce Bass Agenda will broadcast Kid Ginseng - Nervous Needles Vol. 4 in it's entirety Friday Sept. 4th 2020 on Detroit's Deep Space Radio 15:00 Detroit / 20:00 UK / 21:00 Central Europe / cassette will be released in early sept. pre-order is up now on Kraftjerkz bandcamp with previews. There is a guest appearance by Travis Traps Carter 2016 US DMC champ. This is an electro tape featuring turntablism. A style I have done since 1997 when Bay Area shit became known on the internet by people such as Billy Jam , DJ Stef (RIP) DJ Sheep, and Doc Rice from STA. All the kids like me learned to orbit skratch by reading text instructions when the VHS tapes displayed it too quickly for us to see. I will post an announcement again closer to the broadcast date. Big thanks to Andy Barton. salute!

    pre-order cassette:…edles-vol-4-still-nervous

    electro salute!

    :)-r KG

    :headspin: :blaster:

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