1 Listener is Better than None: DJ Natural Nate Up Close and Personal (Interview)

  • A true Jedi of the wheels of steel! © N. Lemu

    DJ Natural Nate is a true underground force to be reckoned with! Having decades of experience under his belt in the Electronic Music scene, whether it be as an enthusiastic partygoer, or a well seasoned DJ, to being a marvel of a producer with titles on labels such as prestigious Underground Music Xperience out of Netherlands, and of course, as one of the main founders of one of the most influential online entities of the past 10 years, The Lost Art, Natural Nate crosses many boundaries and pushes many limits as he seeks to grow and help grow through the power of music.

    In this interview, DJ Natural Nate gets up close and personal as he talks about his past, his trials and tribulations, and ultimately, why this is a mission that transcends cliches, egos and financial gain. It is about one thing and one thing only: Keeping the real vibe alive! Let's get on with it shall we?

    Santino Fernandez: Welcome Nate! We finally get to do this interview, it's been a long time in the making. Let's start at the very beginning of things. How did your path in music start? When did you get your first pair of turntables?

    DJ Natural Nate: Let me first start off by saying it's more than an honor for you to take interest in my life. There are so many great producers and DJ's out there, that I cannot say how humbled I truly am to be someone you would want to interview. But this might not be the interview anyone expects. This will be a very up close and personal view on every question asked. I have never really looked at myself as a great DJ or producer to be honest, I still find myself learning every day, and feel like I will never master any of this.

    I was extremely lucky to have had the chance to get into the underground scene back in 1991. My first show was not what anyone would have thought! I had a friend that asked me to go to a roller skating rink party. I had no clue what this meant or even what I was in for. I ended up going to this show in Denver, Colorado and I hated it! It was so new and...Read more!


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