Why Roland Zenbeats May Be that Next Digital Audio Workstation You Have Been Looking For

  • Roland Zenbeats combines the best from all the top DAW's! © Roland Inc.

    If by now you are fortunate enough to call yourself a well seasoned composer and producer, surely you remember a time when just trying to figure out the settings in your DAW seemed like an almost impossible task. Where do you start? Where does it end? Between buffering, latency, and even trying to navigate around your audio and MIDI connections, getting up and running smoothly in Cubase alone was a monumental task to say the least.

    For someone like me who has been a recording artist for the last 20 years, I can tell you in all honesty, that I have probably spent easily a total of 5 of those years simply trying to learn my way around these Digital Audio Workstations, with most of my earlier sessions, or lack thereof I should say, always ending up with me basically banging my head against the computer screen as my inspiration quickly turned to horrible frustration.

    But even after having mastered most of how these environments work, I have to admit that for many years I have been secretly lusting after a different way of doing things. While I have to say Cubase is an amazing program, and is a staple of many studios around the world for a good reason, there have been many innovations since, like Ableton and its quick workflow (which is what I was mostly after), and more hardware oriented approaches like with the powerful Akai MPC Live. Cubase for me allows me to produce and master a song as properly as you could possibly want, but somehow the workflow feels stagnant, at least for me, and there really is no way to speed up its workflow, as the structure of the program itself lends itself to a slower, more methodical way of doing things.

    Enter Roland Zenbeats. Yeah I know, somehow the name suggests this is merely some app that will let me "make beats" on the go, but you soon find that to not be the case. This is a full DAW that combines the best of things like Cubase, Ableton, and some of the...Read more!


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