Lokodepo - Force Majeure LP / ARMAB065

  • Third long play from Armatura Records was summoned by Russian producer Lokodepo, a name and style
    you maybe are already familiar with from his earlier apperances in some of our back catalogue.

    11 tracks to Force Majeure LP are collected during the period where Lokodepo crafted his style, now a
    natural evolution of his monotone and repetitive vision. We could say it's also evolved in the sense of crafty
    and smart modulations to his synth lines which are presented in these works heavily.

    A not for everyone feel to the LP balances between driving noise and philosophical leads, all followed by concrete
    rhythm patterns that cut through the sound system with ease, carrying the sonic message of natural calamities
    and awareness of the power of our natural surrounding.

    Out June 15th 2020. Format: Digital

    Preview full LP on Soundcloud: http://shorturl.at/awZ09
    Pre-Order LP on Bandcamp: http://shorturl.at/bdgF5

    Thanks for your support.

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