David Noller and Todd Walker Team Up as New Dynamix II Line-up, Release Single

  • Left to right: Todd Walker aka Hyde and David Noller (Scratch-D) perfoming as new Dynamix II © D. Noller

    Dynamix II has been at the forefront of Electro Bass music since the duo's debut back in '87. With heavily influential old school hits like "Feel The Bass" and "Just Give The DJ A Break", to later titles that once again redefined the Electro sound in the late '90's; perhaps most notably the single "Atomic Age/DJ's Go Berzerk", Dynamix II has inevitably been a pioneer for the music time and time again with no signs of slowing down.

    Through so many changes in the music industry however, the duo's line-up itself has seen some changes as well that have affected the direction Dynamix II would take over the years. From the old school days of founding member David Noller working with Bass mastermind Lon Alonzo, to some of the more crucial periods with Claudio Barella aka Debonaire at Noller's side, later going on to recruit Scott Weiser of Jackal N Hyde fame, and finally, after some time of going at it alone, teaming up with none other than Todd Walker, the legendary Hyde, also of duo Jackal N Hyde, who undoubtedly brings a...Read more!


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