Looking Back at the Legacy of Alan R. Pearlman, Founder of Iconic "ARP Instruments" Company (article)

  • Alan R. Pearlman, founder of the highly influential and innovative synthesizer company ARP Instruments, has died at age 93. His daughter Dina Pearlman, took to social media last Sunday to make the announcement, saying: "My father passed away today after a long illness. At 93, too weak to speak he still managed to play the piano this morning, later passing away peacefully in the afternoon. He was a great man and contributed much to the world of music you all know today".

    Indeed the contributions of Alan Pearlman and his company have been far reaching, in many ways not unlike those of Bob Moog. Having worked on electronics since he was a child, Pearlman would go on to run a multimillion (a lot at the time) dollar company after designing amplifiers for NASA's Apollo and Gemini missions. It would not be long before he would found synth manufacturer ARP Instruments with...Read more.


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