Why VCV Rack is a Great and Inexpensive Way to Step Into the World of Modular Synthesizers (article)

  • Released back in October of 2017, VCV Rack, which is an open-source virtual modular system, was warmly welcomed by the synthesizer enthusiast community and for a number of reasons. Just in time to weave itself into the momentum being gained by the rising popularity of modular synthesizers, VCV Rack offered users a completely free way to get into modular systems, and with plenty to offer from the start. But this was by no means just a tool for modular beginners, the reality is that this high-quality and great sounding program was designed as either a continuation of an existing hardware modular set up, or the beginning of it.

    With continuously developed and released modules; some free, some for purchase, like Hora Music's Analog Drums, Scalar quantizer and scale tuner, or the Befaco and Audible Instruments collection for example (both authorized ports of actual Befaco and Mutable software), you can come up with some very powerful racks that can be routed into any DAW, using the recently added Rack Bridge plug in. A couple of very straightforward audio and MIDI modules within VCV Rack, make...Read more.


  • Old thread I know, just curious, is there any portal for module & patch-sharing with VCV? Sadly thats one area where modular falls short a little bit. what witht he open source nature of VCV, surely there is some forum where people share what madness they've been up to?

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