LSE12 Polymer / Kid Ginseng

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    On their latest release, Lost Soul Enterprises welcome two new artists into the fold for a retrofuturistic tour of the electro galaxy.
    POLYMER is a brand new project from Nico Nightingale (Neud Photo) and Jean Lorenzo (Silent Em). The A1, "Arrester," plods menacingly forward, its cascades of pads evoking a nighttime excursion through a cyberpunk cityscape. The follow up, "Mov_Type," increases pace a bit, offering up nimble hi-hats paired with icy arpeggios and an irresistibly chunky bass line.
    Kraftjerkz label boss and champion of all things NYC electro, KID GINSENG distills the essence of machine music to an austere art form. In his two contributions on the B side, "Underwater 084" and "Fractal Detroit 011," powerful breakbeats are sure to pump up the party while chirps and bleeps crisscrossing atop lend each track a playful edge. A nice bonus beats DJ tool rounds it out for good measure.
    Available on 12" vinyl + digital May 18, 2018.
    Preorder on Bandcamp:…-ginseng

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