3/27/18 Brooklyn// Kraftjerkz Label Night 6: Numbers Beat till 4am

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    March 27th
    Kraftjerkz Label Night 6: Numbers Beat till 4am
    Brenecki B2B Playsuit
    Amourette (REMEDY)
    Kid Ginseng (Kraftjerkz / Lost Soul Enterprises)
    What a treat to have 6 hours of real machine funk in NYC. Numbers beat till 4am is electro. All of these DJs are crate diggers. freaks, come join us:)
    the latest Kraftjerkz release, Remora / Symbiotic EP will be available at the event. http://halcyontheshop.com/remora-symbio … raftjerkz/
    No Cover / 21 +
    Bossa Nova Civic Club
    1271 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11221

  • Brenecki mix.

    a preview for the party.

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