Saë (Electro Funk, NeoVintage new release)

  • Greetings from Paris! My name is Saë, I’m a French electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist.

    As a solo artist, I draw inspiration from musicians like Prince or Stevie Wonder to Daft Punk and Justice. As a result, music blends the funky sounds of the late 70s and with French Touch genre.
    Recently, I released my new track entitled “The D-train” ( It would be great if you could check it out. The feedback from your community of artists at Electro Empire, would be invaluable ! I welcome any constructive critique.
    For more tracks, explore my SoundCloud and a videos and pictures are available on my website.
    Thank you for listening to my tracks!
    Feel free to contact me at : for collabs !

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